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Seized in Italy 400 counterfeit clothing "of the well-known streetstyle brand"

Is fake our destiny?

Seized in Italy 400 counterfeit clothing of the well-known streetstyle brand Is fake our destiny?

Each successful brand or leader is destined to be copied.

It happens regularly with bags, belts, t-shirts, which are by Prada, Gucci, Supreme or Louis Vuitton, it does not matter, what matters is the fact that even people who can not afford the original still want to own a piece of those status symbols.

Patience if you have to settle for a poorer quality product signed Prado, Cucci or Luis Vuitton.

But what happens if even the tarot is, in turn, copied?

Well, he is confiscated.

The Guardia di Finanza of Parma, in fact, has confiscated 400 items of clothing (sweatshirts, T-shirts and trousers) counterfeit "of the well-known streetstyle brand very popular among young people", for sale at a shop in the center, in Borgo XX Marzo.

The owner of the business was reported for fraud.


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