History, and fashion magazines, has always taught us that women predominates in the fashion world, they follows trends more, are careful to combine the look and to be always  impeccable.

But, in 2017, things have changed, the male sex is struggling with the female in terms of style, each has its own and sometimes get mixed up with each other. British GQ, analyzing this phenomenon, draws up a Worst Dressed Man List and, among obvious presences, stands out undoubtedly the number one on the list.

An applause for the worst dressed man in England: Kit Harington. Jon Snow, despite the charm of beautiful and damned boy, despite being in one of the most acclaimed TV series of recent years, in real life just can not exalt his 'talents'.

To keep him company in the ranking there are politicians like Jacob Rees-Mogg (and we are not surprised), Marshmello, the DJ disguised as a 'big robot-marshmallow' and Joe Wicks, the British personal trainer who, at this point, is better without t-shirt that with t-shirt.

Kit Harington is the Worst Dressed Man of UK He was crowned by British GQ | Image 0