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More Silver Than Ever

feat Chiara Capitani

More Silver Than Ever  feat Chiara Capitani

The Nike Air Max 97 is one of the symbols of the nineties and this year they are back on stage twenty years after their first debut. Chiara Capitani has been chosen as a spokeswoman to reinterpreting this iconic sneaker.

Discover with us the vision of Chiara on this timeless classic!


"Although I was very young, the Nike Air Max 97 were for me an object of desires,

everyone could wear the adult version with the 360° Air while I had

to be content with the baby version"

"The first time I saw the Air Max 97 I thought it was the shoe of the future,

with its silver color and the reflective accents, it was a never-seen-before shoe"




"The style of those years with its eccentric pairs has always fascinated me.

That of 1997 and generally the whole '90s is still an extremely timeless aesthetic"




"Bare belly, low waist trousers,

the lightheartedness of my childhood,

there is nothing I would not bring back of those years"




Photography Vincenzo Schioppa
Production nss factory