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Violaine Carossino

Paris, France


Set designer/decorator

Paris, France (in the countryside of France for quarantine)


How are you living the quarantine: fears and dreams?

Before quarantine, I was working on my future homeware vintage shop, so I had to slow down and focus on the preparation, take a step back on my work and don’t rush it. I could reconnect with family, home and nature. Quarantine is over now in France, but I’m still in the countryside waiting wisely and dreaming about future days I’m preparing for. I guess I was lucky to make it through quarantine like that, developing my creativity in a nice environment, far away from every struggle. 


What is your soundtrack?

I've listened to all of Solange's albums during the quarantine, perfect to work or cook! Also “Just Another Day” from Nate Dogg was my song haha.