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Sophie Willison

Sydney, Australia

Fine Art Photographer/Publisher/Editor/Curator/Collector

@sonofwillye / @terra_firma_magazine

Sydney, Australia


How are you living the quarantine: fears and dreams?

My biggest fear was that I wouldn’t be able to fly home to my family and partner this week and that has just come true! My flight has just been cancelled! So I am currently homeless and unemployed! My dream is to first find a place that I can live out quarantine and then use this boundless amounts of time to read, paint and design. I will be using this time to start putting together the next issue of terra firma magazine. Submissions are currently open with a rolling deadline, with the theme being ‘what does it mean to reside’, which is very topical in this current climate. I would also like to work on a designing a book, which will be part satirical retrospective and part informative resource. I dream of doing exercise every day, viewing films, watching clouds move and ants race. Listening to my breathe, following my heart and being kind to myself. 

What is your soundtrack?

I am mixing between calming classical music, accompanied by candlelight and some upbeat french hip hop. But if I have to choose one song for now... Arbutus Records - Sean Nicholas Savage & Better Person - Can’t do a thing (to stop me). 


Cover Photo by Lucy Deverall