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Hello Berlin #8 - The Best Underground Club Nights in Berlin

Hello Berlin proudly presents #9 GOING WILD

Hello Berlin #8 - The Best Underground Club Nights in Berlin Hello Berlin proudly presents #9 GOING WILD

When people ask,

"Where are the best places to party in Europe?",

Berlin seems to be on the top of that list. The city's hedonistic mentality and tolerant anything-goes attitude is the foundation both of the Berliner lifestyle and its crazy party landscape. From great residents to the world’s A-list DJs, all of them travel here with a shared vision: to have a great party.

Besides the legendary clubs - Tresor, OHM, KitKatClub, Watergate,  and many more – the real insider’s first look up the right party and the location follows

Going out
 has a plethora of connotations which can start anywhere from visiting one of Berlin's quirky bars - the ones which don't have official regulated closing times -, to partying straight through from Thursday to Monday, or having a nice Sunday brunch followed by an endless dancing session in Berghain or visiting one of the apparent hundred Open-Air summer parties.
Besides the legendary clubs - whether is it the former mentioned Berghain, Tresor, OHM (one of the newest ones) to the fetish KitKatClub, the river-side Watergate, Wilde Renate, about blank and many more – the real insider’s first look up the right party and the location follows. The more "underground" you crave, the deeper you must travel into the party scene of Neukölln, with its niche clubs like Sameheads for music and performances or the Loftus Hall. 

But to get you started on your quest, and just-in-time for spring, we put together our list of the top 5 hottest parties. So take note and get ready to have fun!

#1 African Acid is the Future at Lotus Hall

It seems like techno is not the only genre to stimulate Berlin's dancing crowd. Crossing the borders of the norm, this party has gained popularity over the last year as its new vibe is based on sounds from afro to techno, and everything in between. Guests are encouraged to experience a theoretical "acid trip" on Afro rhythms hailing from Nigeria, Ethiopia, The Congo to Ghana, and cruise on electronic sounds, cosmic rhythmics, and psychedelic vibrations. So may your hearts beat to this tempo while your feet groove to the flow.

#2 CockTail d’Amore at Griessmühle

Normally this party marks the first Saturday/Sunday of every month. Even if you have to wait longer than life in line, the promoters of this party promise it is a sure bet and one where you can really go crazy in for electronic loving guests. From "everything goes" to a promised well visited after-hour session – you can have it all if you become a part of this vibrant party cocktail.

#3 Pornceptual 

It wouldn’t be Berlin if there isn't at least one event that has a conceptual art connotation - in this case, the human body is the exhibit. Its name is Pornceptual. An art project that wants to de- contextualize pornography in its usual sense and show that an explicit sexual content can be considered artistic. The next event is already waiting for its guests to come (hopefully more naked than dressed) and celebrates the exquisite vintage erotic with a wild atmosphere of lustful 60s and 70s. A motto which is accompanied by a DJ-line up and should carry you away down the river of satisfaction and pure desire.
What more can we ask for? 

#4 Liber Null

This crazy event series, which started at Urban Spree, but has also been celebrated in locations like OHM and Arena is a definite "Don't Miss"! Liber Null is filled with Dub, experimental music and pretty edgy performances.

"Liber Null is a postmodern project that emphasizes the pragmatic use of belief and creates avant garde and unorthodox methods seeking a perceptive access to underground music and art".

#5 DURCH ar SchwuZ

The newest event which is on Berlin’s party calendar list is called DURCH - hosted by the legendary gay club SchwuZ. What it’s all about: Discovering naked excitement while enjoying electro sounds. Everything seems to be allowed there – from fetish and chilling, to love and nipples, and even performance and art. 


photo credits
Cover image Camille Bokhobza
CockTail d'Amore flyer Benedikt Rugar