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Andrea Faccio

What is your first memory related to sneakers in Milan?

I was still a student and I remember wanting an iconic sneaker and finally being able to buy it in the best stores.

What makes the adidas Forum a classic in your opinion?

They resume in an effortless way the iconic aesthetics of the 80s with a current reinterpretation.

How did you choose to make the sneaker interact with this location in Milan?

Tre Torri area of Milan that perfectly reinterprets the dynamism and transformation that the city has undergone in the last decade without losing its soul. In the same way, the Forums look to the future while maintaining lines and a unique design.

Discover the adidas Forum Jersey Pack in the Foot Locker store in Via Spinola in Piazza Tre Torri in Milan or online exclusively on the official website of Foot Locker Europe.