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Newbie Nerdz Exclusive Mix For NssMag

Newbie Nerdz Exclusive Mix For NssMag


Newbie Nerdz si incontrano per la prima volta a Londra, precisamente a New Burlington Street nell’estate del 2010. Espandendo i loro orizzonti attraverso viaggi, esperienze e differenti culture, sono alla ricerca continua di un proprio sound. Lavorano immersi nelle nuove tecnologie, a contatto con innovazione e tradizione.

Il loro primo Ep, You Are My Addiction, uscito su Lowpitch Records raggiunge il 49° posto Top 100 Deep House nel mese di Dicembre, è stato supportato da artisti del calibro di Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Cristian Varela, Davide Squillace, Butch ed anche FUSE London resident DJ Enzo Siragusa

Il secondo EP, Can you Love me?, su Family Matters Records, supportato da: Luciano, Dubfire, Adam Shelton, iO, Luca Bear, Sasch BBC, Julien Sandre, Oliver Schories, Mirco Violi, Francesco Bonora, Daniel Sanchez, Outart e molti altri.

Questo è il loro live mix in esclusiva per NssMag.

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Newbie Nerdz met at the corner of London upcoming New Burlington Street in 2010, spooning the sounds of the streets of london and munching into their crunchy slice of pizza, this duo have a unique frame of sounds and sights. Expanding their horizons by travelling to different places and experiencing different cultures and things, they have managed to use them to recreate their thoughts and ideas by paraphrasing their feelings and soul into it.

Nevertheless, also spending numerous years and hours of redefining their styles and researching through technology new and old and methods of incorporating their uniqueness into it. They breed their spirit into the music.

Their First EP You Are My Addiction on Lowpitch Records #49 Deep House Top 100 on December 2011, it has already scored up the likes of Richie HawtinPaco OsunaCristian VarelaDavide SquillaceButch and even London very own FUSE 93 resident DJ Enzo Siragusa. These are only few names to mention and a huge support from other RA resident Djs whose votes have been Overwhelming.

The Second EP Can you love me ? on Family Matters Records, with support from LucianoDubfireAdam SheltoniOLuca BearSasch BBCJulien SandreOliver SchoriesMirco VioliFrancesco BonoraDaniel SanchezOutart...and many more!

This is their exclusive mix for NssMag.