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Formula 1 paddocks are the new Fashion Weeks

This year as well, the Monaco Grand Prix did not disappoint expectations

Formula 1 paddocks are the new Fashion Weeks This year as well, the Monaco Grand Prix did not disappoint expectations

This season, Formula 1 has established itself as the favorite sport of celebrities, from Hollywood actors to athletes from other disciplines who seize the opportunity for a visit and a selfie next to the fastest single-seaters on the globe. And when the Formula 1 circus lands on an exclusive stage like only the Principality of Monaco can offer, the lifestyle aspect of the race becomes almost as important as the spectacle of the cars zooming through the narrow streets amidst luxury restaurants and boutiques. The cameras of the photographers present at the circuit capture the looks and glances of the VIPs - just like street style shots before a fashion show. Also, because videos and photos are the first content to be posted on various social channels of brands, teams, and F1 to create engagement and showcase a modern and aspirational side of motorsport. So before the green light, the streets of the Principality were trodden by Dusan Vlahovic, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Virgil Van Dijk, Achraf Hakimi, Kylian Mbappé, Winnie Harlow, Kyle Kuzma, Jared Leto, Emily Ratajkowski, and many other VIPs who showcased the most diverse looks. Meanwhile, the DJ set by Peggy Gou also took place, making the Monaco Grand Prix experience even more unique, aiming to become more appealing especially to the eyes of younger generations.

Footballers' looks are still the most discussed. Despite talks for years about their increasingly confident approach towards clothing, it remains very interesting to discover their tastes. Probably because, as athletes, we are used to seeing them 99% of the time wearing a racing uniform, or maybe because it still feels strange to think that they could refine such a passion in their free time and that they prefer one garment over another. In short, on the scorching asphalt of the Principality of Monaco, football stars chose not to betray their very own style. And as if that weren't enough, on this special occasion, there were several confirmations of what could be the new favorite trends among footballers. Just think about the sunglasses worn by Liverpool full-back Trent Alexander-Arnold, confirming that the trend launched first by Eduardo Camavinga and then by Marcus Thuram and Francesco Acerbi during Inter's twentieth Scudetto celebrations is more than just a passing fad. On the contrary, Kylian Mbappé opted for a decidedly effortless look with an inevitable Oakley sunglass, a brand of which he is a Global Ambassador. The same goes for Travis Scott, timidly spotted by cameras wearing a brown Stüssy snapback.

But it doesn't end here. Definitely more dressed up than his colleagues Dusan Vlahovic who, bolstered by the first trophy in black and white, debuts with a look fit for nobility, even sporting a regimental striped tie. The Monaco GP is an opportunity every year to showcase oneself, but perhaps never as in this edition have we witnessed such a varied catwalk of considerable respect. It could be the result of the A$AP Rocky and Formula One Group effect, which brought an all-American approach, started with the stop along the Las Vegas Strip, making Formula the coolest sport of the moment, leveraging the path laid out by Lewis Hamilton a long time ago. The media attention surrounding Formula One has the potential to establish a precedent: fashion acts as a driving force for new, sometimes unexpected, fans to approach new sports.