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Lewis Hamilton's revolutionary style

From the outfits worn in the last weekend of the F1 World Cup to the Valentino campaign

Lewis Hamilton's revolutionary style  From the outfits worn in the last weekend of the F1 World Cup to the Valentino campaign

Lewis Hamilton certainly did not go unnoticed during the stage of the Formula 1 circuit of SPA Francorchamps, both for the sparks caused by the collision between his Mercedes and Fernando Alonso's Renault on the first lap of the race and especially for the outfits worn by the seven-time World Champion during the Belgian weekend. In particular, an eye-stealing Loewe total look composed of an emerald green over sweater and the puffer sneakers presented during last Spring/Summer 2023, the perfect combination of Jonathan Anderson's hand and Lewis's desire to dare, stole the eye. But that was by no means the only highlight for the British driver, who became a baronet in 2009 after winning his first World Championship, who also sported a mint suit by Louis Gabriel Nouchi, reiterating his passion for wearing very distinctive monochromes, to the GCDS Balaclava Scarf. 

Now 37 years old and from the height of his seven Formula 1 world championship triumphs, Hamilton is one of the most popular sports figures around, with a brand identity characterized by a deep commitment to social work and an unbridled passion for fashion. The British driver has been able to set the bar high for non-motorsport fans as well, particularly in recent years with the help of his personal stylist Law Roach, moving the frontier of what was allowed to be seen on an asphalt circuit ever further. Over the years we have gotten to know him and have appreciated his wide range of looks, elegant, extravagant, pop and colorful, with attention to detail and always champions of likes on social media and stars of the pages and covers of numerous fashion magazines.

From the refined attire he shows off on the red carpet at the galas he takes part in, to the luxury streetwear he adores, his outfits are always measured to best channel his signature freshness and boldness, with a focus on accessories. Indeed, sunglasses, hats of all kinds, luxury watches and other jewelry often intervene to further enrich his image. Despite the hovering in the paddock of some criticism at his address, the latest being the not-so-light criticism of Fernando Alonso, Sir Lewis has always followed his own taste and kept his enthusiasm for fashion alive, always scurrying harder to carve out a space for himself on the catwalks, at parties and in front of the cameras. It was a process that was not a very short one, but one that allowed him to define the contours of his image as he always wanted them to be and to gain renewed credibility in the eyes of viewers and of brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, which, also through a dedicated line, has chosen him as its face since 2018. Without, of course, forgetting the close relationship that has linked him for years to Dolce&Gabbana, of which shows he is a regular presence, and from his latest appearances on the Balenciaga catwalks during the already iconic The Simpsons runway show. 

The latest chapter in this indissoluble association between Hamilton and the fashion universe has been written by Valentino, which, for the launch of its fall campaign, has decided to join Euphoria star Zendaya in the role of testimonial precisely with the British driver. As suggested quite directly by the name itself, Pierpaolo Piccioli - creative director of the Italian fashion house - focused the Pink PP Campaign on the chromatic dominance of pink, a color chosen as representative of love, energy and freedom. In fact, Piccioli revealed that he has been developing the vision of pink as a symbol capable of breaking down the barriers present in society for quite some time, and he chose Zendaya and Hamilton - immortalized in shots by Michael Bailey and Nicolas Kern - as authentic characters who have always tried to put their talents and voices at the service of this same system of values.

Sentiments also shared on the opposite side, with Hamilton saying he was proud to collaborate with the famous Italian brand's team and to be able to be an integral part of such a powerful campaign and in line with his thinking and commitment to making the world a better place, a goal he continues to pursue through his Mission 44 foundation. Participation in this project thus seems to have brought together in a harmonious design the various aspects and desires of Sir Lewis's personality and life, which will surely never cease to amaze fans, as much on the track as on the catwalks.