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What to expect from the new Formula 1 season?

Transition year or grand show?

What to expect from the new Formula 1 season? Transition year or grand show?

On November 26th, the 2023 Formula 1 season came to a close in Abu Dhabi, with Max Verstappen being crowned champion for the third consecutive time. Despite the dominance of the 26-year-old Dutch driver on the track, the Circus (nickname for Formula 1) continued its growth path in recent years through a brilliant combination of motorsport with lifestyle, fashion, and art, generating a growing enthusiasm and attracting new fans to the world of racing. The green lights for the 2024 season officially turned on on March 2nd with the Bahrain Grand Prix, won by the usual Max Verstappen, followed by his teammate Sergio Pérez and Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz. But what can we really expect at the dawn of this new Formula 1 season?

Name and team changes

On one hand, for the first time in history, all drivers who finished the previous championship will start the new year driving their own cars. On the other hand, there are several changes, starting with the name changes of some of the participating teams. In particular, following the end of the partnership with Sauber, Alfa Romeo, which had made its return to the circuit after an absence of more than thirty years, is no longer among the names on the grid for 2024, making way for the new Stake F1 Team. Even AlphaTauri, the Faenza-based team and Red Bull's junior team, has changed its livery and name to Visa Cash App Racing Bulls, giving more prominence to its main sponsor.

In terms of circuits, there are no new stops compared to 2023, but some excellent comebacks. In 2024, Formula 1 will return to Emilia Romagna, after skipping the Grand Prix at the Enzo and Dino Ferrari Circuit in Imola due to severe floods last year. The Shanghai Grand Prix also returns to the Formula 1 scene after several years, specifically since 2019. There are no significant changes in the official regulations, as we await the big changes in 2026.

Waiting for Hamilton at Ferrari

Finally, one of the most interesting aspects concerns the roster of drivers, which could see significant changes in 2025. Shaking up the entire world, not just Formula 1, but the world of sports in general, was the official announcement of 7-time world champion Lewis Hamilton's transfer to Ferrari starting in 2025. A team change involving the most famous and successful active driver and the most famous and successful team, which would be an understatement to define as monumental. This could also trigger a domino effect of transfers, with Mercedes having to fill a key slot and Sainz looking for a new challenge. In recent times, there have been persistent rumors of several possible team changes, with a possible transfer of Max Verstappen to Mercedes being the most notable.

Therefore, the 2024 season has all the essential features of a probable calm before the storm that will hit the Circus in the next two years, with roster and regulation changes on the horizon. For now, let's enjoy this new, surprising, and fast-paced Formula 1 World Championship.