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Every Arsenal shirts will feature the cannon logo

In the upcoming season, but it will not replace the old crest

Every Arsenal shirts will feature the cannon logo In the upcoming season, but it will not replace the old crest

When Arsenal released the third kit for the 2023/2024 season last year, featuring an unusual green and blue color scheme and adorned with the cannon logo, it provided us with a significant clue about their future intentions. In fact, starting from the 2024/2025 season, the Gunners will change the logo on the home, away, and third shirts in favor of the cannon logo that has brought much luck to Mikel Arteta's team this season. It hasn't been long since the last time Arsenal chose to adopt that minimalist logo: in the 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 seasons, it appeared only on the away jersey, respectively in a black colorway and in an elegant golden colorway. However, to recall the last time the cannon logo was the official logo for all of Arsenal's match shirts, we have to go back quite a long way, all the way to the 1977/1978 season; from the following season until 1989/1990, the logo included an embroidery of the acronym "AFC."

Arsenal is one of the historical clubs in the Premier League relying on a very recognizable visual identity, which can be shaped and conveyed in the most imaginative manner, without disappointing the expectations of the most avid fans, who are attached to both the cannon symbol and what remains of Highbury.

An Ever-Evolving Visual Identity

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Furthermore, in the English top flight, there is no rule prohibiting clubs from taking to the field with a jersey featuring a different logo than the official one. Just think of Manchester United, which this season played several games wearing the third kit, unique for the small stylized devil in place of the classic logo. For Arsenal, the badge will become just one of the symbols used to communicate Arsenal's visual identity, and a slight modification to the cannon has been made. It will point east instead of west, unlike the past version where the cannon pointed left.

But the reintroduction of this logo also demonstrates how the Gunners are intent on renewing themselves from a visual identity standpoint: last year the club chose to replace the historic artwork adorning the exterior of the Emirates Stadium - degraded after years - with a new installation composed of eight images, effectively creating a large outdoor gallery. The artwork was curated and executed by different artists and with different motifs, bringing together everything that comprises the club's identity heritage - giving us a taste of the future intentions of an ambitious and cutting-edge club. We can only prepare ourselves for many new things that could unfold in the coming months at Arsenal, and envision how the new retro-themed match shirts will look with the adidas Trefoil logo alongside the cannon symbol.