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You will be able to watch MLS on the Apple Vision Pro

Are we facing a new frontier in sports consumption?

You will be able to watch MLS on the Apple Vision Pro Are we facing a new frontier in sports consumption?

In May 2022, for the first time in history, a football match was broadcast in vertical format. Real Sociedad - Betis is available for streaming on TikTok, thanks to an agreement signed between La Liga, Mediapro, and the Chinese social network. Although it was an innovative experiment regarding the distribution and streaming methods of sporting events, it will never be repeated in the following season. Experiments of this kind can fail in the blink of an eye: it's not easy to change the ways of enjoying a football match, a sport so deeply rooted in its traditions. For this reason, the curiosity surrounding the new introduction by MLS and Apple, in the second year of their partnership, deserves to be explored further. The new Major League Soccer season started yesterday and has already brought an important innovation regarding the possibility of watching highlights of the 2023 season playoffs thanks to the first sports product made with Apple Immersive Video technology.

This will be possible through the use of Apple Vision Pro, the augmented reality headset that seamlessly integrates the real world with the digital one, creating an immersive experience without interruption. You just need to have the Season Pass subscription (and obviously the headset produced by the Cupertino company) to immerse yourself in such an experience. Apple, through a statement, said: «Viewers will be able to experience every moment in 8K 3D, taking advantage of a 180-degree field of view and spatial audio accompanying them during every match.» It's not coincidental that this initiative was introduced in the largest championship in the United States, a country where entertainment, even in sports events, is never sidelined. Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that the release of the film made with Apple Immersive Video will succeed in bringing football fans closer to a 2.0 experience - considering that the retail price is €3,500. However, it still bodes well in terms of the innovations that will soon arrive in football.