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What are the best-selling jerseys of the 2022/23 season?

A domination of the Premier League and the adidas - Nike duopoly

What are the best-selling jerseys of the 2022/23 season? A domination of the Premier League and the adidas - Nike duopoly

Club jerseys are the most important commodity of a football team, the object around which the strategies of a season are organised, and one of the main sources of income for both the club and the technical sponsor, who usually pays a considerable sum to have the opportunity to produce them. However, despite the great importance of jerseys from a commercial point of view, it is very difficult to find official sales figures per club or technical sponsor. This makes the data that Dr Peter Rohlmann from PR Marketing, one of the most renowned agencies in the field of sports marketing, has compiled on jersey sales in the 2022/23 season all the more interesting. As this is not official data, it should of course be treated with caution, but it paints an interesting picture in which the Premier League and LaLiga dominate.

The team that sold the most match shirts last season was - perhaps surprisingly - Liverpool with 1,800,000, closely followed by Manchester United with 1,750,000 and Real Madrid with 1,700,000. Close behind are Barcelona with 1,600,000 and further behind are Bayern Munich with 1,350,000 and Manchester City with 1,290,000. Paris Saint-Germain have also surpassed the one million jerseys sold, while Arsenal are in eighth place with 850,000. Of the top eight, four are sponsored by adidas, three by Nike and only City wear PUMA. This shows that certain brands are always at the forefront of sports sponsorship and the numbers we are talking about when we approach the top clubs in the world.

It's not for nothing that adidas signed a 90 million per season deal for the Manchester United jerseys, who despite their not so good results on the pitch in recent seasons are still considered the club with the highest marketing value. Remember also that the percentage of revenue clubs receive from the sale of the individual jerseys is very small, with the majority going directly to the sports brand, which instead collects through the sale of general merchandising rights. This is an increasingly impressive market with the Premier League leading the way. The English clubs have proven that they have a very important fan base that is very fond of the jersey fetish.