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How much do jerseys cost in the top 5 European leagues

In which league do you spend the least to buy an official jersey?

How much do jerseys cost in the top 5 European leagues In which league do you spend the least to buy an official jersey?

We continue our look at the costs of football jerseys for this season, after the prices of Serie A and Serie B we now find out how much new jerseys cost in Europe in the major leagues. Looking at the Top 5 European leagues, the country where fans have to shell out to get the shirt they like the most is Germany. With an average of 93 euros, the Bundesliga is the most expensive league. It is Germany's so-called biggies that charge handsomely for their official jerseys. The fans who have to shell out the most are those of the multiple champions Bayern Munich (adidas), who charge a whopping 139.95 euros for the Authentic version. Borussia Dortmund (Puma) follows at 129.99 euros and Bayer Leverkusen (Castore) at 119.90 euros. Rejoicing buyers, however, is Werder Bremen (Umbro), which sells its home shirt for 69.95 euros. 

Immediately below Germany is England, with the Premier League ranking second among the leagues where the most money is spent to buy a shirt with an average of 86 euros. The league that pays the most attention to the branding of its league and is not that cheap, with an average spend per shirt of €91. Those who want to buy the Authentic version jersey of Chelsea (Nike) at 156 euros, of Tottenham (Nike) at 140 euros, of Newcastle (Castore) at 130 euros and of Liverpool (Nike) at 112 euros spend more than two zeros. The prices of the remaining clubs fluctuate between 80 euros and 60 euros, with two exceptions that even go below that: Wolverhampton (Castore) selling their shirt for 57 euros and Brentford (Umbro) emerging as the cheapest club with only 55 euros for their fans. Furthermore, Brentford recently decided that, in order to reduce consumption, they and their technical sponsor would make the shirt for two seasons. 

Serie A is exactly in the middle of the table, with the Italian top league spending an average of 88 euros, with the Authentic versions of Juventus (adidas) and Inter (Nike) costing a whopping 140 euros. The club that has made its official uniform more affordable, however, is Empoli, which charges 70 euros for it. You can find the costs of all Serie A jerseys here.

Only a few euros away from Serie A, we find Spain and France where shirt fans and supporters of the various teams can breathe a little, with an average price of 85 euros. Barcelona (Nike) and Real Madrid (adidas) sell their Authentic uniforms for 104 euros and 140 euros respectively. Only a penny behind their fellow citizens is Atletico Madrid (Nike) at EUR 139.99. The Valencia shirt (Puma) costs 120 euros, while the other team remaining in the three figures is Athletic Bilbao (New Balance) at 105 euros. Far less than half as expensive as the Blaugrana, Blancos and Colchoneros, on the other hand, is Getafe (Joma) at the modest sum of 60 euros for its total blue uniform. 

In France, among the most expensive is not that of the more titled Paris Saint-Germain (Nike), which has a price of 89.99 euros, but that of Rennes (Puma), whose Authentic version has a list price of 115 euros. Behind the team from Brittany are Monaco (Kappa) at 110 euros, Nice (Macron) at 105 euros and Olympique Marseille (Puma) at 100 euros as well as Toulouse (Craft). The French team that sells its jersey at the lowest price is Ajaccio (adidas), which offers its fans a cost of 69 euros.

As we have seen, the prices of jerseys are extremely heterogeneous with respect to the technical sponsors of reference, the clubs to which they belong and the cost of living in the countries where the championships take place. Taking home the cheapest league prize in relation to the selling price of jerseys are Ligue 1 and La Liga, with an average expenditure per jersey of €85