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Bologna takes the pitch in a shirt

An item never seen on a football pitch

Bologna takes the pitch in a shirt An item never seen on a football pitch
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The moment when the teams enter the field and line up to hear the Serie A anthem is becoming increasingly central to the clubs' aesthetics, with major technical sponsors producing clothes specifically designed for that moment. In recent years it has become a common practice to have all 22 players on the pitch wearing a pre-match jacket or sweatshirt. A practice that has involved every category, from Serie A to Serie C, with all brands interested in elevating the club's aesthetic, at a crucial moment like the anthem where everyone is individually framed. And of all the Anthem Jackets seen in recent seasons, the one used by Bologna and designed by Macron is one of the most unusual and innovative.

The Rossoblu from this season take to the pitch in a blue shirt with red details and the clip placket typical of American jerseys, which is worn by the players over the game jersey for a casual effect. A choice that testifies to Macron's interest in making every moment on the pitch special, even before the whistle blows. An unusual garment to see on a pitch and in fact in this the Bologna-based brand is certainly a pioneer, creating an item that we are normally used to wearing in our daily lives, perhaps even to go to the stadium, but not worn by footballers. A shirt that we saw in action before the important Emilian derby against Sassuolo, which ended in a draw and was played away from home at the Mapei Stadium.