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How the song about Argentina became the soundtrack of the World Cup

"Quiero ganar la tercera"

How the song about Argentina became the soundtrack of the World Cup Quiero ganar la tercera

There are moments, moments, photos, goals that in a competition like the World Cup are destined to remain immortal, indelibly etched in the memory of every fan. Yesterday, in a match impossible to describe in words, played at a ferocious pace with the two strongest players in the world answering goal after goal for more than 120 minutes of play, a song definitively entered the hearts of the Argentine fans, who sang it throughout the competition and now, for obvious reasons, can never be forgotten. The song in question is 'Muchachos, Ahora Nos Volvimos A Ilusionar' by 'la Mosca Oficial', which has become more than popular thanks to its verses where Messi and Maradona are of course mentioned, as well as some of the Argentine seleccion's greatest defeats and victories.  

The Argentine band's song has managed to overshadow Hayya Hayya (Better Together), the official soundtrack of this competition, racking up millions of views in just one month, becoming the official chorus of the Argentine fans and then also of the players who sang it at the top of their lungs during the celebrations. It could not have been otherwise, the band in fact had already been quite well known in the country for years, just think that Maradona was such a fan that he invited them to play at his 40th birthday party in 2000. Seven years later, Messi also decided to have them as guests and since then, the iconic number 10 and the band have stayed in touch, creating a unique bond. A song that almost managed to replace the national anthem, yesterday in the centre of Buenos Aires millions of Argentines sang it once again after the incredible and spectacular match that handed the team their most coveted trophy.

A song that is actually not entirely new in Argentina, Boca Juniors fans have always used it in their own way over time, to taunt long-time rivals River Plate. But not only the fans of Racing Club, a team from Avellaneda, also have their own version of it, taken up by their rivals Independiente. So who knows if when the two authors first sang it outside River's Monumental stadium, during a match against Bolivia, they thought it would have a similar impact. The victory has certainly become the trigger for a success that is destined to remain in history and that definitively puts an end to the criticism reserved for Leo Messi, who as of yesterday, should further confirmation be needed, has definitively established himself as the best player of this generation, collecting the only missing trophy of his career.