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Jerseys not worn at this World Cup

Real masterpieces never seen in the pitch of Qatar

Jerseys not worn at this World Cup Real masterpieces never seen in the pitch of Qatar

Now that the World Cup in Qatar has officially ended with the iconic victory of Messi and his teammates over the French selection, it is time to draw conclusions. A few months before the start of the competition, all the technical sponsors present the jerseys with which the national teams will play the many eagerly awaited matches in pursuit of the Cup that has always been the dream of every footballer and fan. Often, however, also due to the fact that most matches are played in the elimination rounds, many teams do not have the opportunity to wear all the creations reserved for them, wearing only the first jersey, leaving the second and third jerseys to fall into oblivion. Some would call this a real shame and it does not have all the trimmings, not only in creative terms where the efforts made the years before by the designers do not see the light of day, but also in terms of environmental impact, considering the complex production chain that each garment follows.

It is for these reasons that many national teams decide not to adopt a third jersey, as they do not have many occasions to wear it, although there have been rare exceptions including in this edition. Canada, Denmark and Ecuador are the only three national teams out of thirty-two that decided to arrive in Qatar with all jerseys, but only Alphonso Davies' national team was forced to wear it in an elimination round match. But apart from these, many other national teams did not have the opportunity to wear the away jersey, just think of France, who made it to the finals and not even on one occasion had the excuse to sport the incredible white jersey with toile-style motifs inspired by the rich French culture. France, but that's not all, because one of the jerseys that attracted the most attention from fans, selling out in most online and physical stores never saw the field, we're talking about Mexico's. To do them justice we decided to collect them together, giving them a long-awaited moment of attention that they would have deserved anyway.

France Away - Nike

England Away - Nike

Mexico Away - adidas

Korea Away - Nike

Japan Away - adidas

Tunisia Third - Kappa

Belgium Away - adidas

Denmark Third - Hummel

Germany Away - adidas