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The Camper and North Sails collection with recycled sails

Sustainability is the real protagonist of this partnership

The Camper and North Sails collection with recycled sails Sustainability is the real protagonist of this partnership

North Sails and Camper have worked together for a collection dedicated to sustainability, with a focus on materials: for the collection, boat sails have been used. The American fashion brand, founded precisely for the production of technical clothing for sailing in 1957, also has in its business the production of sails for race boats. For Camper, on the other hand, it is the first time in the world of sailing, but it debuts in style with a selection of garments will be produced in a limited edition

Sustainability and circularity are the values that unite the two brands for this collection: the garments, in fact, were made with the sails used in other sailing competitions, recycled for use in the aesthetic field. North Sails used six sails for each of the 4 items in the collection, divided by colors and patterns. This includes a crossbody bag, backpack, duffel bag and shopping bag, and the design of the elements recalls the lines of the sailboats to which the collection is dedicated. The colors, on the other hand, are bright, typical of the chromatic trends of sailors, and in fact, there is an orange and electric blue, which is also joined by the navy blue of the duffel bag and the elegant celestial of the backpack. The core of this collection is precisely circularity with a view to protecting the environment, a value that both companies share and that they wanted to express in this collection. That precisely, given the delicacy and ecological responsibility that denoted it, is limited edition. 

Among other things, this new collection together with Camper is also devoted to a sustainability project that North Sails has been looking at for a long time: the brand has already opened various courses of environmental responsibility such as the Mission Ocean Microbiomes and Tara Océan Fondation. North Sails for sailing clothing is an institution and has already presented several collections for the various sporting events of sailing. A few months ago he presented the collection for the next America's Cup, scheduled today at 4 am Italian time (5 pm in New Zealand, where the regattas will be held).

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