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The new designs of the NBA courts

Colori e dettagli ispirate alle nuove City Edition jersey

The new designs of the NBA courts Colori e dettagli ispirate alle nuove City Edition jersey

The new City Edition jersey of the NBA teams for next season represented an important step towards the next season, which will officially begin on December 22nd. The designs of the new jerseys are reflected in the NBA court designs, one of the most attractive elements of the megastructures that make the NBA one of the mystical places in American sport and world basketball. Many artistic tributes, many tributes to local cultures also on the fields of franchises, always able to exploit the details for wider marketing operations. Many of the images that will follow, in fact, have been revealed through NBA 2K21, the official videogame of the league.


Golden State Warriors

In the new Chase Center in San Francisco Bay, Stephen Curry and his teammates will take the field trying to relive the emotions of the last rings won and the fantastic Warriors that inflamed Oakland fans. A return to the past in all respects, with the new parquet design that recalls the true origins of the franchise.


Atlanta Hawks

The court with the strongest meaning. In the MLK edition, the Hawks tribute to Martin Luther King also extends to the parquet design. At the State Farm Arena, in fact, the colors "Infinity Black, Vintage Gold and Fidelity White" will mix with elements that recall the battles of a local and national hero: the initials along the sideline, the 22 "Freedom Stars" representing the times Dr. King was arrested while fighting for equality. Completing the whole is a Hawks logo recreated in mosaic style. Much more than a simple gift.


Miami Heat

If the sunsets of South Beach weren't enough, if the incredible ride of the Heat last year were not enough, in Miami the bar rises and the parquet of the American Airlines Arena perfectly reflects the theme of the "ViceVersa" and the classic colors of the City Edition. Shocking pink and electric blue are the colors chosen for the shirt and for the parquet theme, with a touch of black that makes everything brighter.


Charlotte Hornets

The franchise of Michael Jordan and the new entry LaMelo Ball have opted for the homage to the nickname of the city of Charlotte, The Buzz City. They will obviously do it with the jumpman logo and team colors, with a few gold and black hints to make the Spectrum Center atmosphere even more spooky and spectacular.


San Antonio Spurs

Texan fiesta in San Antonio, with an explosion of colors that is faithfully reproduced on a parquet that recalls the history of the franchise. From white, black and silver to much brighter shades of orange, bright pink and petrol green with details present along the perimeter of the pitch that distort the sober style of the Spurs.


Philadelphia 76ers

From Texas to Pennsylvania, with the City of Eternal Love that pays homage to the typical Philly "boathouse row" with the design of both the jersey and the playing field. Black, white and of course red and blue - the colors of the 76ers - the shades chosen for the two elements that will stand out the most in next season's city edition nights.


Brooklyn Nets

On the list is the first floor not inspired by a City Edition jersey but by another special jersey worn by the Brooklyn Nets of Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and Steve Nash. A homage - chromatic and stylistic - to the New Jersey Nets commanded, directed and dragged along by the late Drazen Petovic, a legend never forgotten either in Europe or overseas.


Cleveland Cavaliers

Daniel Arsham's aesthetic revolution started with the jersey and moved to the field that will be achieved when the Cavs wear one of the most beautiful City Editions this year. As a base color, Cleveland has chosen a gray that closely resembles the color chosen last year by the Brooklyn Nets, while the details still enhance the musical motifs that underlie the concept of these special jerseys.


Phoenix Suns

For the "Valley" version of the Suns there are no official photos of the design of the court yet, but a first draft can already be seen in the training floor of the Verizon 5G Performance Center, the brand new facility of the franchise. An innovative space of 5,000 square meters, with cutting-edge technology, which cost 45 million dollars.


Utah Jazz

The franchise that makes the most of the colors of its land, from the mountains of Salt Lake to the canyons of Utah. Jazz switch from colored to black, while maintaining the same palette as last year. Colors that we also find in this new version of the court, which shows a variant of the team logo, transformed for the occasion in the shape of the State of Utah.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Without CP3 and without Danilo Gallinari, OKC fails technically and the design suffers as well. After the stratospheric City Edition of the 2019-20 season, the Thunder take a step back. On the other hand, parquet design does not take a step backwards, which is called to make knits more tolerable.

Sacramento Kings

Nor does the Kings jersey convince, definitely one of the most basic and not up to the standard of those produced by other teams. But the Kings should never be underestimated. The court of the new Golden 1 Center - inaugurated last year and practically never used continuously - will take up the theme of the jersey, with some high notes such as the special version of the logo. Again, the first images come from NBA 2K.