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The new Roc Nation office in New York

Contemporary art, a social media rooms and a rooftop view to the Empire State Building

The new Roc Nation office in New York Contemporary art, a social media rooms and a rooftop view to the Empire State Building

In New York City, in the Chelsea neighborhood, in 2019 Jay-Z opened the headquarters of Roc Nation, the management agency he founded in 2008. Roc Nation's office is the basis of all its activities, from the promotion of events to talent management, advertising and social management to the offices of brands under Roc Nation, such as Paper Planes. The studio is located on a high floor of a building overlooking 26th Street in Manhattan and was designed by designer Jeffrey Beers.

The office covers 5000 square meters and includes a meeting room, Jay Z's personal studio, a social media room, a terrace with an Empire State Building view (with an adjoining private bar), relaxation areas, offices of roc nation's individual activities - such as the luxurious one of Armand de Gignac Champagne -, a Paper Planes showroom with attached headquarters, and four custom executive offices for each manager. The structure is full of contemporary art works and cutting-edge technological systems, combined with an important use of wood and marble that create an isolated and relaxing environment. Art and design are the most characteristic elements of the office, with works - not only figurative - scattered throughout the floor that intersect with more common elements of a normal corporate office - coffe tables, sofas, plants, steel panels. In this regard, as Business Insider reports, Jeffrey Beers called Roc Nation's headquarters "a warm environment", expressed through light, relaxing shades, with the creation of many open spaces and few walls. For example, the social media room is a circular-shaped environment whose input is mobile and can be moved continuously. The highlight, however, is also the rooftop, which allows employees to make coffe breaks or an aperitif at the end of work in the company bar overlooking the New York skyline.

Jay Z became the first billionaire rapper and his investment is creating an increasingly important business. The opening of an office like this one in New York is a strong signal about the health of the company, in recent months very active also in Europe with the signing of important partnerships such as those with AC MilanLeeds United and agreements with various players. The pandemic has created a strong crisis in the real estate market, depriving, especially in large cities, the offices of its employees, who have remained at home in smart working mode. As pointed out by some articles in the New York Times, it is precisely in Manhattan that depopulation is taking place from the large headquarters, so much so that many buildings and skyscrapers inaugurated before the outbreak of the pandemic are also finding it very difficult to close leases. A real estate context that, in relation to the opening of this sensational office, enhances Jay Z's successful career as an entrepreneur.