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Dua Lipa will be on FIFA 21

Also Lewis Hamilton and David Beckham

Dua Lipa will be on FIFA 21 Also Lewis Hamilton and David Beckham

Released on October 9, FIFA 21 is already bringing news for its players, and in the latest patch with the new updates EA Sports has also included Dua Lipa. The English singer will now be available as a new player in Volta Football mode, along with other popular non-football figures such as Dennis Antetekounpo, Lewis Hamilton and Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. The next update on December 4 will release an old school return: David Beckham. Dua Lipa was on the FIFA 21 tracklist with the song Love is Religion, remixed by Blessed Madonna. 

During the year FIFA releases available updates that bring in-game changes: players' looks and shoes are updated, their traits improved. Since edition 20, EA Sports has introduced Volta Football mode on FIFA, which is the one that receives the most changes in terms of aesthetics and outfits. Volta is also the part of FIFA that has received the most attention in recent months, as the game has added many novelties on the fashion side - collaborations with adidas, Bellerin graphic designers, new personalized items - including the negotiable characters. For this year, for example, on Volta Football there are also Anthony Joshua and dj Diplo. 

FIFA developers seem to devote a lot of attention to the avatars of the VIPs featured in the game. Some Instagram and Twitter users have pointed out that Dua Lipa's face is much better than that of other footballers, such as Mason Greenwood, pointing out - in an ironic tone - the accuracy of the singer's details compared to that of footballers. FIFA is investing heavily in Volta Football and the gamers themselves are increasingly involved in this game mode that more than others manages to intersect gaming and fashion, and with avatars like Hamilton and Dua Lipa, EA Sports wants to make FIFA something that is no longer just pure football, but like football itself, something much more enveloping.