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The Cage 2.0: the new Cerberus

Van Dijk, Vidal e Aubameyang

The Cage 2.0: the new Cerberus Van Dijk, Vidal e Aubameyang

Cerberus is perhaps one of the most successful names in The Secret Tournament. In Greek mythology, Cerberus was a giant three-headed mastiff placed to protect the Underworld. The dog's heads represent past, present and future and it is precisely this aspect that pushed, in 2000, Terry Gilliam to choose Edgar DavidsLilian Thuram and Sylvain Wiltord as members of a tough and difficult to overcome team: the two former Juventus represent the very concepts of solidity, hardness and determination. Wiltord was the offensive reference point, a quality player who knew how to range across the attacking front. Even though they were giving something to their opponents, the Cerberus were indeed all over the field and put anyone in trouble.

Replacing them was not easy, but we tried to give the team the same balance and verve as the players of the past. It was a different football, a rougher and less technical football, a football where the roles - and the related skills - were the basis of each tactical strategy. Today, however, where those who defend must know how to set, who sets must know how to fit in with the right times and who finalizes must be able to fall back on defense, the Cerberus are much more prepared. Virgil van Dikj, Arturo Vidal and Pierre Aubameyang are Cerberus 2.0.


Virgil van Dijk

Currently the strongest center in the world, winner of the Champions League in 2019, named footballer of the year for the Premier League, UEFA and finalist for the Ballon d'Or. A wall with the feet of a dancer: if the physical size could suggest the idea of an aggressive player, instead we find ourselves in front of an intelligent defender, lover of the clean intervention and excellent sprinter. Dutch of Surinamese origins, following the escape of his father at a young age he decided - once he turned professional - not to carry his surname on his back, leaving only "Virgil", a name that is rather fashionable.

Arturo Vidal

Midfielder who has been given to Inter since the last 4 transfer market sessions but who remains constantly at Barcelona; '' Warrior '' for his way of interpreting games, but with a bomb ready to explode in his right foot. It was a fundamental pillar in Conte's Juventus for 3 years but less in Allegri's, so much so that he had to look for more popular destinations in Germany. Three constants: the socks pulled up above the knee, the shorts of a larger size than necessary and a crest for which only Hamsik would be proud.

Pierre-Emrick Aubameyang

Half French, half Gabonese in Arsenal. If someone had believed in him, he could have been the forward of the future of Milan, the team that owned his card for 5 years in which he was sent on loan to half of Europe. Eventually he explodes at Borussia Dortmund where in another 5 seasons he collects more than one hundred goals. Crazy sprinter with "cage" skills, he will also be remembered for never having had a sober hairstyle, from which Neymar took inspiration. Sobriety is one of its main characteristics even off the field: special guest in numerous social events, Aubameyang never misses an opportunity to get noticed through chains, jewels and clothes with maxi logos.