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What it means to be a leader and to inspire people

5 things we learned in The School of New Football's second masterclass

What it means to be a leader and to inspire people 5 things we learned in The School of New Football's second masterclass

After archiving the first session of The School of New Football academy, the second of the five chapters that we will write until Friday 9 July has opened. On day 2, Francesco Abazia interviewed Barbara BonanseaFederico Corona (Esquire) e Andrea Pettinello (Il Calcio Inglese) to talk about all the issues related to leadership, understand how to build it in a healthy way and what it means to become a person who becomes a source of inspiration for entire generations.

Together with Nike we want to build a future for football where the game is a safe and judgment-free space. We want everyone to be comfortable and confident in who they are when they are on the football pitch. We talked about this and much more in the first TSONF session and, for those who were unable to register and participate, here is a brief recap of the responses of our guests.

How to recognize leadership in the locker room

"Experience has taught me that there's no single type of leadership: there is the silent one, there is that empathy and the one that drags you on the pitch. I think it's very important to understand what a leader can give to the team and the locker room in order to take advantage of it. Leaders should not be proclaimed and leadership should not be imposed, in my opinion you are born with those characteristics and the only way to demonstrate it's to remain yourself".
Barbara Bonansea

The language of leadership

"Leadership is a universal language that overcomes and breaks down every cultural barrier. I think of the many players who have taken time to be appreciated in different leagues. But I believe that leadership has no boundaries and limits, you just need to give time to all the components of a group to recognize and appreciate it".
Federico Corona

What are the characteristics of the leader and how he/she moves in the group

"The leader is the person who has most of his teammates on his side and in difficult times makes the important decisions by sharing and listening to everyone's opinions. I believe that the fundamental characteristics of a leader must be honesty, respect towards all members of the locker room and being able to communicate clearly. Many think that the leader is such because he acts alone, but it is exactly the opposite: the leader is never alone because he listens to everyone, ponders the situation and makes the final decision".
Barbara Bonansea

The importance of listening for healthy leadership

"When I think of leadership I think of Sir Alex Ferguson, the leader par excellence in my opinion. A person who, with a calm and almost cold approach, was able to manage magnificent teams like great orchestras. Ferguson's secret is that he was a great listener, just so he remained the leader of a club and a locker room for 27 years. It takes great sensibility to create balance in a group and to be empathetic with great champions, without ever being presumptuous. These are the innate abilities of a leader".
Andrea Pettinello


What it means to be a source of inspiration

"Being perceived as a source of inspiration is an incredible thing and it is a healthy responsibility that motivates you. Growing up you realize you are a role model and when you realize it you understand that only by remaining yourself can you continue in a healthy way to inspire people. You don't have to build any kind of character to be followed and seen in a certain way. I got to where I am by remaining the same person. When I hear girls at stadiums or events telling me 'I wish I was like you' it is an amazing joy".
Barbara Bonansea


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