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Sony launches DualSense, the new controller for PlayStation 5

New buttons, new weight, new design to "feel" the game

Sony launches DualSense, the new controller for PlayStation 5 New buttons, new weight, new design to feel the game

Sony, without announcements and without forewarning, reveals to the world the new controller for  PlayStation 5. The official name is DualSense and promises to be the progenitor of a new generation of joysticks. Looking at the latest innovations and technical features, Sony's goal is very clear: total immersion within the gaming experience.

DualSense will allow you to "feel" the game beyond your imagination. The new wireless controller, in fact, will give the sensation of perceiving the game literally, feeling the resistance in the keys when you decide to "drive a car in mud or in a pond" thanks to a super developed tactile feedback. Sony has decided to remove the "Share" button and replace it with a new link, called "Create" which will allow players to create their own gameplay more easily. The sensory aspect is completed with the new adaptive triggers, that is, both the R2 and L2 buttons will provide the player with the sensation corresponding to the actions that have been taken. In practice it will be possible to feel in the keys the tension that builds up when a bow is drawn to launch an arrow or the hardness of the trigger depending on the weapon being used.

As for design and ergonomics, Sony has taken care of everything down to the smallest detail: the angle of the buttons changes, the lines of the joystick body change and above all the size changes, with an insignificant reduction which, however, benefits the battery size ( that will last longer). Weight has also been improved over the PS4's DualShock. However, if the password is "hear the game", a treat on the audio cannot be missing from the controller. Sony has decided to insert a microphone in the DualSense much more sophisticated than the last one. There is still no more precise information, but the auditory experience of the performances has been guaranteed.

In terms of colors, however, Sony has decided to launch the dual white and black colors, in addition to the implementation of the LED lights present in the central part of the controller. They were not. the technical characteristics are still officially revealed, as per Sony tradition: the new controller will be sent to video game developers to test and implement the new content, taking into account the potential of the new DualSense.