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In Toronto there is a plan to build up a eSports Arena

Designed by Populous and with 7000 seats

In Toronto there is a plan to build up a eSports Arena Designed by Populous and with 7000 seats

It has not yet been officially approved, but in Toronto, an area dedicated to gaming has been presented, ready to host eSports tournaments, as well as concerts, conferences and digital events. As The Verge explains, the project was commissioned by Overactive Media - the property group behind the Overwatch League's Toronto Defiant and the Call of Duty League's Toronto Ultra - and was signed by Texas international Studio Popoulous (the architecture studio that proposed one of the two projects for the new stadium of Milan). According to the plans, it will be finished in 2025 and will cost 500 million euros, and at the moment, for the start of the works, it is only necessary to wait for the approval by the Municipality of Toronto and the managers of Exhibition Place, an entertainment event place in the Canadian city.

The sports complex wants to be a new eSports hub in North America, with seven thousand seats to attend sporting events and make many different spaces coexist, allowing multiple activities to take place simultaneously. The structure's futuristic architecture is shell-shaped, raised (below is a base with spaces for public entrance) and will rise right in the Exhibition Place area, where other public events are usually held in Toronto. The idea is to make the structure active every week with events and events in continuous, even with concerts, so as to have, according to the expectations of the organization, about 200 events per year. Adjacent to the arena will also be built a tower and the whole complex will also include services and commercial spaces. A project to which Populous was prepared given the work done in Philadelphia with the Fusion Arena, the other large area dedicated to north American gaming.

"The design of the theater was not conceived either as a sports arena or as an opera house, rather, a new type that straddles the two: an vanguard entertainment venue. The architecture of the theater creates a fusion between old and new." Populous lead designer Jonathan Mallie said in a statement. Moreover, the new arena will draw on the Toronto map a new pole of attraction not too far from the other facilities of the city: a few steps away is BMO Field (where the Toronto F.C.) plays and, a few kilometers away, the Air Canada Center, home of the Toronto Raptors.