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Oakley continues to invest on eSports

The pro gamer Seth "Scump" Abner will be eyewear partner of the Californian brand

Oakley continues to invest on eSports  The pro gamer Seth Scump Abner will be eyewear partner of the Californian brand

After the partnership with Turtle Beach and the production of lenses with the technology Prizm, Oakley continues its path in the world of gaming with Scump, the first pro gamer hired by the eyewear brand. Seth "Scump" Abner will be oakley's first professional eSports athlete, who has in his DNA the search for the challenge, of competition in all forms, just the same values that gaming, in its competitions, proposes. From adepose onwards, during his streaming sessions and official tournaments, Scump will always wear Oakley glasses. 

American, Scump at 25 years old (and with 518 thousand followers on Instagram) is the strongest COD (Call of Duty) player in the world, with two first places in the Major League Gaming (MLG) X Games and champion of the Best Console Player during the eSports Industry Awards of 2017. His passion for gaming made him already before he became the best in the world one of the most popular figures in the eSports industry - a public recognition that allowed him to create his own character, a sort of 'good gaming guru' with a wide personal fan base. His contract with Oakley will join the roster of sports personals who have tied his name to the eyewear brand, such as Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Mikaela Shiffrin, Chloe Kim.   

Oakleyh hired Scump both as an athlete and as a popular figure in the gaming world. In fact, his contract represents another step by Oakley in the gaming world after the brand's other projects in this area. In addition to the aforementioned partnerships with Turtle Beach and Prizm, it should also be highlighted the appearance in Madden NLF 21 for the weekly editions of the tournament "Derwin James vs. The World", a virtual competition between James, football player of the Los Angeles Charger (and oakley athlete), and VIP competitors who change every week.