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nss sports goes to INNERSECT

See you in Shanghai from the 7th to 9th od December with Les Vêtements de Football

nss sports goes to INNERSECT See you in Shanghai from the 7th to 9th od December with Les Vêtements de Football

From the 7th to 9th of December, nss sports will bring its nostalgic football vibe to Shanghai for the 2018 edition of INNERSECT.
For those who never heard the name, INNERSECT is the most dynamic streetwear festival in China. It follows a new fashion philosophy that brings together the worlds of sneakers, streetwear, hip-hop, street art and more.
For the 2018 edition, there will be an impressive line-up of brands participating in the event: from the most avant-guard brands like Alyx, Neighborhood, and AMBUSH, to the most blazoned like Jordan, adidas, Nike or Polo Ralph Lauren.
Last year, A$AP Rocky was the headliner for the music performances,  we still have no clue as to who is going to perform at this years edition, but we are pretty sure is gonna be huge.


Following its approach, INNERSECT is an event open to the public, seeking the contact of ideas and different worlds as the claim suggests: 

Derived from the word "intersect" which means to cross paths. It is a point at which roads, ideas, and culture overlap and coverage. This is the cornerstone of INNERSECT, a premium experience that brings together fashion, art, tech, and music that shape our culture, curated for the new generation.The change from "t" to "n" makes it inclusive while adding a spiritual undertone, noting that the world is what we perceive from within. It is shaped and defined according to our own inner conscience.This is WHERE CULTURE HAPPENS

At the nss sports stand you will find the latest Les Vêtements de Football collection: from the classic vintage custom football shirts to the neon hoodies, the custom trenches and the oversized scarfs. 

Created by industry figurehead Edison Chen, INNERSECT had its first edition in 2017. The three-day event was a great success: with massive lines forming outside, clamoring for a glimpse of the headliner A$AP Rocky who performed on the opening day, backed by teen rap phenomenon Rich Chigga.

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Full Program & Tickets

8th Dec (Sat) Exhibition @ 10:00 - 21:00 (Last Entry @ 20:00)
9th Dec (Sun) Exhibition @ 10:00 - 18:00 (Last Entry @ 17:00)
8th Dec (Sat) - 9th Dec (Sun) Performance @ 19:00 - 22:00 (Door Open @ 18:00)

1-Day Exihition Ticket 198 RMB*
1-Day Performance Ticket (A area) 620 RMB* 
1-Day Performance Ticket (B area) 520 RMB*
*online sales are over