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The new Meyba streetwear collection

The idea of "Whole new ball game" applied to the new strategy of the brand

The new Meyba streetwear collection The idea of Whole new ball game applied to the new strategy of the brand

When we interviewed Meyba's new creative director Neal Heard last July, there was a sense that something was going to change drastically. The approach that the author of "Trainers" (2003), "A Lover's Guide to Football Shirts" (2016) and "The Football Shirts Book" (2017) told us made us understand what a "moderate revolution" would be. starting point of his new job. After 5 months of work - more demanding than expected considering the period - that revolution is here and will go on the market tomorrow 4 November: the new streewear collection of the Spanish brand.

The moderation of Meyba's new creative direction is due to the awareness of future trends to focus on, but at the same time to the idea that it is impossible - as well as unfair - to abandon one's origins and roots to offer the market only what consumers ask. In Neal's strategy, the main goal is to embrace these two distinct paths and create a path that unites them to create something special.

Football is rapidly changing and here at Meyba we believe it’s a whole new ball game. Never before has football teamwear been so linked to fashion and streetwear, the two are fusing. Football apparel is now seen as an essential part of a modern wardrobe. Here at Meyba we see this as an opportunity, we want to resurrect the brand but not to be a brand just linked to nostalgia but one looking from deep footballing roots to the bright new future. Quite simply we aim to make Meyba the coolest football brand out there, what goes into the fashion range goes into team wear and the two cross pollinate. Starting with our re-launch on November the 3rd the world will see a range of new Meyba fashion ranges, heavily influenced from the parks, pitches and the terraces.

Neal Heard, Meyba creative director

The new Meyba streetwear collection is available online at