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#TheProcess ready to become #LeProcess?

The rumors from the US are clear, the 76ers are ready to "do whatever it takes" to sing LeBron

#TheProcess ready to become #LeProcess? The rumors from the US are clear, the 76ers are ready to do whatever it takes to sing LeBron

Now that we are almost in mid-May, the NBA postseason continues without a break, with the Eastern Conference that already started the finals and the Western that will begin tonight with the clash between Houston and Golden State. But even if the solution of the puzzle is everything but close, there are plenty of rumors about the incoming summer, as the majority of the teams have already ended their season and are already focusing in the future. And the rumor that comes from the States in these hours is just one, the Philadelphia 76ers want LeBron James.

In fact, Bleacher Report reports the words of Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer, saying that the Sixers are “ready to do whatever it takes” to bring James to Embiid and Simmons’ team. We already saw the first clues with the billboard appeared in the city a few months ago, and now the matter is back. But will we really have a #LeProcess next season? Truth to be told, it could be quite possible. All the NBA world gives for granted - as possible as it can be - that James will put out of his contract with the Cavs and the Sixers would be one of the few franchises that could offer him a maximum salary, also giving him the chance to play at least with other two stars of the league.


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Yes, Embiid and Simmons are still very young but that could be a good thing, giving LeBron - that will turn 34 next December - the chance to lift the amount of work on his shoulders, adding at the same time what is the most dominant player in the league to the roster. Then, the two current stars of the 76ers have the approval of the Chosen One, that admired them more than once during the season. So, the decisive moment is still far - or at least, Cavs’ fans hope so - and we’re probably talking about nothing. But the rumors coming from the States are very clear: we could really have a #LeProcess next season.