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LA FC's new home

On Sunday the new Los Angeles' team have opened its new home

LA FC's new home On Sunday the new Los Angeles' team have opened its new home

Two weeks after the derby lost badly against the Los Angeles Galaxy - in which MLS has known the power of Ibrahimovic -, April 29, 2018 is a day that the fans of Los Angeles FC will never forget: the inaugural race in the Banc of California Stadium, the new stadium of the franchise in Los Angeles. The plant was opened approximately two months in advance and will be named after the bride for the next 10 years. The inauguration race last Sunday - after six consecutive races away on duty - took place between the black-gold team and the Seattle Sounders, one of the league's historic franchises.


The latest US plant to see the light - do you remember when we wrote about the new stadiums in Orlando and Atlanta? - it cost around 350 million dollars and is built almost 7 meters below the street level to avoid long steps. It has a capacity of 22.000 supporters and it is a gem from the point of view of technology thanks to the partnership with Panasonic. One of its key features is the structure of the North End, built with a slope of 34% and with the ability to live standing games, 'shoulder to shoulder' as one of the mottoes of the group 3252 of Los Angeles fans, which took the name from the capacity of the sector where they are located (even before we set foot!). Unlike the Galaxy 'cousins' stadium - 10 miles south away - The Banc of California is located in a fairly central area, instead of the LA Memorial Sports Arena demolished for the occasion and next to the famous Coliseum site in the Exposition Park. Thanks to the empty spaces between the sectors, it is possible to admire part of the city skyline and the Californian mountains. There are another couple of important reasons to go and see a game in the new stadium: 1. as stated in the regulation, among the many things like weapons, drugs and animals it is forbidden to introduce selfie sticks; 2. There is a pool on the Sunset Deck terrace at the top of the plant.

After being partially opened on 18 April, the real inauguration was precisely during the competition against the Seattle Sounders, which was attended by the mayor and the top of the club including Magic Johnson and Will Ferrell, who in the pre-game baptized the new plant by launching a trained hawk in flight. In a particularly lively and colorful atmosphere - fireworks and drums to outline - prevailed the hosts with a free kick by the Belgian Ciman in the minutes of recovery, the result of a serious duck goalkeeper. "It's nice not to inaugurate the stadium with a 0-0, maybe someone looked at us from top to bottom," commented the former US National Technical Commissioner and current LAFC coach Bob Bradley, because certainly start with one equal to networks White home would have been pretty sad, and at the moment in Los Angeles the situation is the opposite.