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You are not ready for Las Vegas Lights FC

We aren't as well honestly

You are not ready for Las Vegas Lights FC We aren't as well honestly

Las Vegas, the city of sin.  LEDs, dices, cards, pailettes, croupiers, hotels, fountains, money and the squalor of the city-park-games of America built in the middle of the Nevada desert. Design a football jersey for a team based there is a difficult mission. Even more complicated if you consider that Las Vegas Lights FC has been founded just 5 months ago, in August 2017, and currently, besides a very nice logo, it has only 14 players in the team. The team will not play in MLS but in the USL (United Soccer League), one of the minor American leagues. However the owner Brett Lashbrook is investing a lot of money in the team and yesterday presented the first team shirt, very Las Vegas style.

The nascent team revealed their club crest back in October and have now followed up by unveiling their first-ever kit, inspired by the glitz and glitter of their home city. Safe to say that the Lights haven't exactly opted for the subtle approach, with the new shirt featuring gaudy splashes of cyan, magenta and neon yellow trim all over it.



'Lights', who have recently had the one and only Freddy Adu on trial recently, have also announced the most mental player bonus structure ever. Every time the team scores three or more goals and win at home, every player will get their hands on $100 in chips at a nearby Vegas casino.