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Storelli is ready to revolutionize the shoes world

The Brooklyn-based company is going to launch its "SpeedGrip"

Storelli is ready to revolutionize the shoes world  The Brooklyn-based company is going to launch its SpeedGrip

May you remember the basketball match playing in Flubber movie? While Robin Williams rub on player’s shoes the fluid coming from that strange and little thing or being – a mistake son – created in lab. Or the old and shabby – but magical – shoes used by Jimmy Grimble, due to He becomes a fantastic soccer player?

Eyes can lie to you, a smile can divert you, but shoes always say truth”, a doctor House’s quote. And what’s about soccer shoes? Because they have to be the reliable partners, as a friend. No other way. We can make a wrong choice about everyday shoes, but not when we have to play football. We need the best support ever, the best performance. We need something we can put the all the faith and trust. It’s something up to the balance.

Storelli company is based in Brooklyn, and they would release on may 2017 – they hope so, and we too – first mock-up “SpeedGrip”. Their creature has been revelead to to the world through Kickstarter two days ago, on 5th of april. Secret should be in foam and fabric good making the sole (we know, sole is a bit resizing).

Why should it work? Because it allows to the foot in chill moments the full relax, but it also protect the foot. Great, it’s not enough, anything else? Because the structure is not invasive and it doesn’t have a bearing on aesthetic or on the athletes’ movements. The idea of lightness as much important as the real lightness when we talk about stuff like those: they have to communicate the beauty and the pleasure we feel while we touch them. They shouldn’t be awkward. And the only way is to built the stuff using elite goods. So they promise.

Maybe the best reason why SpeedGrip should be so great is the fitting importance. Most of players have the personalized shoes, just the shoes and not the insoles. Using SpeedGrip they can personalize the sole once they put their feet inside the shoes. “Insoles are invisible and often forgotten.

But they represent the foundation of an athlete’s stance”. Claudio Storelli said.