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The King's birthday

Lebron James turns 32

The King's birthday  Lebron James turns 32

Today he turns 32, but he's never felt so light. Because LeBron James knows he made history already. His own, with all the broken records and the MVPs, Cavaliers’, with the first championship in the history of the franchise, and NBA’s, which only has to sit down and enjoy the show. Because the fact that King James is part of basketball’s Olympus, with Kareem, Magic, Bird, Chamberlain and of course MJ, is no longer into question. We only have to see which heights The Chosen One will reach in the next few years.

And things were about to go very different, as June 11th, after Game 4’s horn of 2016’s NBA Finals, the score in the series was: Golden State 3, Cleveland Cavaliers 1. Every logic would’ve suggest a certain outcome, with back-to-back championship for Curry and thousand of new detractors for LeBron. Ma logic doesn’t apply to the King or he wouldn’t have reached the all-time top ten for rebound and assists, other than points. And history went as we know, with the Comeback, the Block, the Shot and all the carousel of subjects finally ready to kneel before their King.
Because if there’s something that last year’s victory brought to LeBron James, is acceptance. From the supporters, the teammates, the rivals, the coaches, the media. He’s the best basketball player of the world, everyone knows it and everyone accepts it. And in his 32nd birthday, while Cleveland seems more than inclined to reach the NBA Finals for the third year in a row (seventh, seventh!, for LBJ), the Chosen One doesn’t look like he’s giving up. His steps have never been so determined, his killer instinct so lethal and his determination so strong.

We’ve decided to celebrate as we like to, with pictures. With Sports Illustrated’s, which a few weeks ago has nominated him 2016 Sportsperson of the Year, and has gone along his whole career, year to year, with awesome covers, destined to remain in history books.