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10 news from the NBA style

Uniforms, logos and parquets: all the changes of the new NBA season

10 news from the NBA style Uniforms, logos and parquets: all the changes of the new NBA season


#WESTERN CONFERENCE – Words by Francesco Abazia

Sacramento Kings and Innovation

The Sacramento Kings are ready for the next season, with a brand new look: 3 new uniforms, a new series of logos already presented last season, and a new arena, the Golden 1 Center, which is the more technologically advanced of the whole league.


Work in progress 

The next season will be, from a stylistic point of view, a transitional one, waiting for the great revolution of 2017/18 that will see Nike's return on the scenes and the sponsors 
landing on the jerseys. A lot of teams therefore, also on Nike suggestion, have started to work on next year logos (Portland Blazers and Minnesota Timberwolves) and uniforms.

Black culture history

This year, the Memphis Grizzles will surely be satisfied with the storytelling of their uniforms when they will wear the alternate ones for the Martin Luther King Day and for different games in the Black History Month


News in the Utah 

The Utah Jazz had slightly changed their logo and home, away and alternate uniforms. Substantial novelty for the Pride Uniform, that for the first time in the Jazz history will introduce the sleeves. 


The Warriors' memoirs

The Warriors have opted for a new alternate that will be worn during the Sunday games, but not only. The uniform legacy comes from the 90s and from Run TMC era, bringing the same lettering of the Home Version of that years.

#EASTERN CONFERENCE – Words by Simone Bernardo

Cavs Celebration

Cavs new parquet will welcome the Champions in the home games to the Quicken Loans Arena. No more skylines, but a massive central logo with the classical sword of the Cavs to cross the whole line on the half field. Having won their first ring, LeBron James and Co. could have for the first time the gilded badge on the collar of the uniform, reserved only to the teams with at least a title.

New and old identities

Stylistic shotguns for the Toronto Raptors. The first news is the Huskies jersey, devoted to the team that brought the pro basket in Canada in 1947. Not so fascinating the second alternate of the Canadians: the Chinese New Year Alternate, a uniform to honour to the Chinese New Year's eve.

New Yorker heart

The Nets are going to make happy their fans, embracing all the differences of the Big Apple with this Nets Remix Jersey, so called just for the wish to amalgamate the souls of Long Island, New Jersey and Brooklyn.


Philadelphia Champions 

In this season the 76ers will celebrate the 50 years anniversary from the 1966-1977 title, signed by Wilt Chamberlain. The 76ers will celebrate the recurrence for the whole year, with a campaign called "Spirit of the Champion.


Old prides 

To burden to the new season, Orlando Magic have launched the Stars Alternate, that wants to celebrate the glorious past and the historical logo of the Florida team.  

Instead, the Wizards of Washington will of course succeed in making themselves lovable in all the States with their Patriotic uniform, a uniform with the American flag that doesn't need further descriptions.