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The golden life of the NBA children

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The golden life of the NBA children  NSS - New Sport Side

The first - of the 200 times - I've watched Space Jam, a scene impressed me particularly. Michael Jordan came home from a bad baseball game and waved his children in the kitchen, in a moment of surreal normality. Acting like a father. I remember I thought about how it could have been in real life with his son.

Now we can thanks to Instagram, which has become the daily bread of most NBA families. So: who are the little heirs of LeBron and Co? And what do they do?

PJ Rose for a couple of weeks has become known as "the coolest kid on the planet." As you can imagine knowing his surname, PJ is the heir of Derrick Rose, and during the last playoffs he was even able to put Riley Curry in the shadow. From then on, we all started to have an interest in the life of PJ. The Instagram account of his mother, Mieka Reese (called PJ Mommy) is equally divided between her star child outfits and hers. I can tell you for sure that PJ loves ice cream, hoodies and is almost obsessed with ninja turtles. He loves to pose, even if he's a bit shy on the catwalks.

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The most famous PJ "colleague" is Riley Curry. Everyone (but really everyone) in America have got to know her, and while the father killed the NBA, little Riley became more and more present. We know of her press conferences, and also her passion for Big Sean and "I feel bleeeesssed". Riley, however, soon became the mascot of the food blog of her mother, as well as a constant presence and a familiar face of NBA. For her birthday she received two very special gifts: a little sister and a surprise delivered at home by Nickelodoon.

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I found the Instagram page of Matt Barnes children (thebarnesboys) a few days ago, by accident. He has reposted a video of one of the two who dribbled, someone insulted Barnes (over a matter of ex-wives and Derek Fisher) and Barnes responded.  This episode allowed me to get in touch with the golden life of Isaiah and Carter. They have 22,000 followers, and get their hair cut in a very cool barber shop, and having the advantage of being in two they are kind of the bosses among the sons of the NBA stars. They practice any type of sport (or at least the top three in America) and most of the mornings they take a selfie with Dad even in bed, before getting ready for school. They are also very good friends of all the NBA celebrities, especially Chris Paul and his son Chistopher Emmanuel Paul II.


Chris Paul II was a kind of forerunner. In 2012, he showed up with a beautiful shirt of Jordan at a press conference doing the "Blake face". Since then, Little Chris (the name of his Instagram account) has become bigger. He met Snoop Dogg and President Clinton, he has a sister, he plays (also football) and often endorses his father supporting him in his career. However, nothing is comparable to his bio on Instagram, which says: "Chris Paul II, Chrisl Paul is my dad, His Wife Jada is my mom. I'm kind of a big deal. This is my life thru pics".

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Who already seems destined for a career is the incredible Bronny James, the oldest son of Lebron. The only one that probably will take MJ role in Space Jam II has a child who's also ready to replace the son of MJ in Space Jam II. On Bronny, 11 years and so much talent, there are already several colleges, and some Nike advertising campaign. 

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