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Do the right thing

Lebron Collection Do the right thing

In the beginning was the Air Jordan, at least until the NBA was not aware of a guy named LeBron James. From Akron (Ohio) "The Choosen One" enters the league as a hurricane ten years ago, and that most significantly change the geography of the sport, as well as its merchandising. Hard enough to disturb MJ and Magic in the comparisons, charismatic to keep America glued to the television on the day of "The decision," LeBron has another facet that his fans certainly know more careful. James is an extraordinary man image, passionate about fashion and watches, starting it seems to have been Jay-Z in person, as well as hip-hop music (so as to have edited the soundtrack of the video game "NBA 2K14"), has a contract with Nike that allows him to have a line of sneakers all of its own "LaBron."