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The Captain and the Truth

Do the right thing

The Captain and the Truth Do the right thing

September 25, 2000, in Boston, at the Buzz Club for accuracy, it consumes one of the most incredible stories of the NBA forever.

The captain of the Boston Celtics Paul Pierce, and one of the most talented players in the league is brutally attacked and stabbed eleven times in the neck, stomach and face. The doctors say that only the thick leather jacket saved his life, but Paul has never thought through and in the end so. Witness the tattoo quite telling that the number 34 has drawn on her body: the hands of God that hold a winged heart with an inscription that stands on the bottom "The Chosen One", the Chosen One.

"That was the night That Changed My Life", and who can blame him?

Born in the shadow of the Great Western Forum, former palace of the Lakers, Paul had a normal childhood, paradoxically, the basketball that it has moved away from street gangs invading the suburbs of LA ani '80 / '90.

He was chosen by the Boston Celtics in the year of grace 1999 (the same year are chosen Nowitzki and Vince Carter!) Immediately becoming a column and bringing them back after seven years of abstinence to the playoffs. "It was just a dream" says Paul grew up watching Magic against Bird in the legendary match between LA and Boston.

But P.P.34 is more than a player not the usual cliché : a personality overflowing one that when a reporter asked him what he thought of Kobe Bryant said, " I do not think is the best , because the best is me." He has never endured the good ones , problems and skirmishes with LeBron, Carmelo ( Antonhy ) with Kobe in fact, even with Spike Lee, with whom he puts on a curtain every time the Celtics facing the Knicks . Because when you're a champion is so , you can not accept that someone is better than you, you can not accept that he could not dominate and then hunt out the personality and show you what you are: a number 1.

Paul is nicknamed "The Truth " that is the truth , and then we imagine that this nickname comes from the playground in the suburbs, or a brilliant commentator for ESPN and ABC's or but no name comes from Shaquille O'Neal that after having seen work wonders on parque, after a night of 42 points and 13/19 shooting took a microphone and said, " take this down". My name is Shaquille O'Neal and Paul Pierce is the [ expletive ] truth . odds me on That and do not take nothing out. I Knew he could play, but I did not know he could play like this. Paul Pierce is the truth. "

But the truth is that Paul Pierce, that his extraordinary life changed after that bloody night is one of the most beautiful stories that the NBA stories.

The truth is that Paul Pierce has founded the " Thruth Fund " to help the kids in trouble, funded the construction of a surgery center, the pitch of the Santa Monica Boys & Girls, and helped the reconstruction of "his" Richardson Park.

The truth is that Paul Pierce, though now past the Brooklyn Nets, and 35 years played, still quarrel with Spike Lee, who in turn will give the madman, which will mark and pass in front of spiky looking him straight in and let us esultandogli .

The truth is that Paul Pierce will always be " The Captain and The Truth "