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The Pepsi's role in football, a talk by nss sports

Between football, design, and beverages

The Pepsi's role in football, a talk by nss sports Between football, design, and beverages

When talking about brands that have shaped pop culture, one cannot fail to mention Pepsi. It is a brand that has managed to expand its horizons into sports and design. Today, it is experiencing a turning point with the launch of a renewed visual identity that includes a new logo—the latest in its history that began way back in 1897. Always looking to the future, Pepsi intends to stay connected to its roots, deeply entrenched overseas. This is why it has chosen to set up a diner in the heart of Milan, a restaurant in full American style, in Via Tommaso Grossi 8. On Saturday, June 1st, nss sports, with the special participation of Caffè Design, will host a talk highlighting Pepsi's impact on football, covering everything from the design of memorable jerseys to the unforgettable commercial videos etched in the collective memory of nostalgic football fans and beyond.

The purchase of a ticket at the following link guarantees participation in the exclusive dinner with talk, unlimited Pepsi®, a beer or cocktail and a special gift in the diner.


Pepsi as a Commercial Sponsor of Roma, Boca Juniors, and Corinthians

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In 2007, Roma had no commercial sponsor on their jersey and only for one night did they feature Pepsi branding. To mark the launch of new collectible cans, in the match on March 31 against Milan, the Giallorossi team took to the field not only with the drink's name and logo on the game shirt but also with the graphics of the cans that were about to be launched on the market. The match ended 1-1 thanks to goals from Mexès and Gilardino, and the jerseys were autographed by the Roma players and auctioned on eBay, with the proceeds going to the Italian Families of the Deaf Association for Bilingualism Onlus. From 2001 to 2003, the brand took center stage in South America.

During that period, the Boca Juniors won the Copa Libertadores twice, wearing blue Nike jerseys with a wide yellow band across the chest and the Pepsi logo in large letters—the chances that you've seen a photo of Carlos Tévez in that shirt somewhere on the web are very, very high. While the Milionarios highlighted Pepsi in Argentina, in Brazil it was the Corinthians from 2000 to 2004. The club, with Pepsi's logo in the center of their jersey, won two championships and a national cup. Moving to Uruguay, the Club Nacional de Football wore one of the most interestingly designed game shirts in 1989. In accordance with the agreement with Pepsi, technical sponsor FILA designed a dark blue jersey with lighter shades, making it appear as if real ice cubes were depicted on the shirt, the same ones found on Pepsi cans from those years.

The Most Famous Pepsi Commercial Videos Ever

The term forgotten commercials is often used to refer to ad campaigns that have faded into oblivion. Well, that's not the case with those created by Pepsi. It's impossible to forget videos like Final Coin. Pepsi's specialty was consistently striving for a certain realism, recreating major European club rivalries in their ads. In 1999, the classic match between Juventus and Manchester United was featured in Pepsi commercials, first with Final Coin and then with Can I Have Your Shirt?, a masterpiece—perhaps more famous—where a boy, in the tunnel leading from the field to the locker rooms, asked David Beckham for his jersey, only to use it to wipe the rim of the can from which the English champion drank. The list also includes iconic ads like Gladiators and the western showdown between Beckham and Casillas. Although most of these ads are now just sweet memories, Pepsi enjoys reminding us that from a creative standpoint, no one can beat them: just think of the World Cup Commercial released in 2022, one of the most brilliant commercial videos in recent times.