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There is no better time to see Challengers

Tennis is the sport of the moment, also thanks to Zendaya and Guadagnino

There is no better time to see Challengers Tennis is the sport of the moment, also thanks to Zendaya and Guadagnino

Tennis is experiencing a new golden age. Athletes are attending fashion shows, the game is followed by a general audience, and new faces have revived old rivalries. In this magical moment, a perfect film arrives, directed by one of the most fashion and lifestyle-inspiring directors, Luca Guadagnino, and starring absolute icons of contemporaneity like Zendaya. The charm of tennis doesn't just end on the courts, but also reaches the big screen where it often creates imaginative stories. This sport has always been able to capture the collective imagination, winning over audiences with memorable films that masterfully portray the beauty and drama of the tennis world's challenges. From classic films like Wimbledon with Kirsten Dunst and Woody Allen's Match Point, to more modern ones like Borg vs McEnroe and King Richard, tennis has shown a great ability to transfer its emotions and electric tension to the big screen.

Each film has been able to capture a unique aspect of this sport: the fierce competition, sacrifice and determination, and the more human, sentimental, and sometimes cynical side. But tennis is not just about forehands and backhands, victory and defeat. It's also about the personal relationships that make up the lives of athletes, both on and off the court. That's why Luca Guadagnino's latest film, Challengers, promises to be a breath of fresh air in the sports film landscape. Challengers is not just a simple biopic or a film focused on the thrilling matches that take place on the courts. Instead, it focuses on the complex web of relationships that connect three characters: Tashi (Zendaya), a former tennis prodigy forced to retire due to an injury, now coaching her husband Art (Mike Faist); Art himself, a talented tennis player burdened by the pressure of success; and Patrick (Josh O'Connor), Tashi's ex-boyfriend and old friend of Art's.

Guadagnino, a master at portraying the nuances of the human psyche, takes us inside this love triangle, where feelings intertwine with sporting ambitions and individual vulnerabilities. The tension is palpable, uncertainty reigns supreme, and each character's choices will have profound repercussions on everyone's lives. The choice of Zendaya for the role of Tashi is not accidental. The actress is a big tennis fan, as shown by her recent appearances at Indian Wells and Monte Carlo tournaments, and her presence in the film contributes to making it even more authentic and exciting, bringing her talent and beauty to the screen. Her portrayal of Tashi is intense and vibrant, perfectly conveying the determination and grit of a woman who had to give up her dreams but never lost her passion for the sport.

From brands and clothing items that pay homage to past icons like Stan Smith, Sergio Tacchini, and Fred Perry, to street style reinterpretations of brands like Lacoste and Fila, tennis has become a true trend. For example, here we recommend the must-have items if you're embracing the tennis aesthetic without necessarily wanting to get your hands dirty with red clay. Not just fashion, but also music and art: tennis inspires singers, artists, and designers, who celebrate its elegance, dynamism, and beauty. Challengers is just the latest example of how tennis is gaining more and more space in popular culture and lifestyle, and it provides an opportunity to reflect on the complexity of human relationships, the power of dreams, and the beauty of a sport that continues to captivate millions of people around the world. And the perfect movie to watch as we wait for one of the most anticipated tournaments of the year, Roland Garros, to begin.