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The new challenge of Red Bull is in tennis

Even the most traditional and elegant sport can become extreme and very fast

The new challenge of Red Bull is in tennis Even the most traditional and elegant sport can become extreme and very fast

Red Bull is a globally known company not only for its energy drinks, but also for its widespread commitment to sports. The multinational company with the red bull logo has built a true sports empire, ranging from sponsoring athletes, teams, and events in various disciplines, to organizing events, and even managing teams. From Formula 1 with Red Bull Racing, to MotoGP and Motocross with Red Bull KTM Factory Racing, from cycling with Team DSM to skateboarding with Red Bull Skateboarding, the presence of the Austrian giant is now transversal and dominant. Even in the world of football, Red Bull is now a reference point, owning several teams such as Red Bull Salzburg, RB Leipzig, and New York Red Bulls, and carrying out an avant-garde management approach in terms of scouting and infrastructure. As if that weren't enough, Red Bull also organizes highly successful events in the extreme sport sphere such as Red Bull Crashed Ice, Red Bull Rampage, and Red Bull Flugtag.

Unlike the popular and adrenaline-fueled sports mentioned above, tennis is known for its elegance and gentility. That's why, at first glance, Red Bull's attempts to carve out a role in tennis may seem a bit unexpected. However, there are several reasons that may have influenced this decision. Tennis remains a globally popular sport with a very large and rapidly growing fan base, and while maintaining its essential characteristics, it is becoming increasingly physical. The different historical nature, combined with the new nuances of the sport, represents an important opportunity to increase visibility and reach new markets. In light of this dual nature embodied by modern tennis, with its strong and innovative character, Red Bull can certainly be one of the partners that will accompany this process of growth and evolution.

In fact, the first steps in the world of tennis have already been taken. Some of the most well-known tennis players on the circuit, such as Matteo Berrettini, Elena Rybakina, Dominic Thiem and last Monte-Carlo Master winner Stefanos Tsisipas have tied their image to Red Bull through important sponsorship contracts. Even the past editions of the "Next Gen ATP Finals," the tournament reserved for rising stars in this sport, have been sponsored by Red Bull, which until 2023 will take place in Turin. Finally, the "Red Bull Bassline" was organized, an innovative tennis tournament with a fast and engaging format: no long sets, but intense tie-breaks while the DJ plays music like at a rave. Red Bull's entry into the world of tennis is definitely an interesting challenge. Its disruptive philosophy, which pushes every sport to its physical and spectacular limits, combined with the resources and creativity that the German brand never lacks, is ready to bring new energy to this sport. The challenge is to conquer a new audience, strengthened by the growing popularity among the new generations thanks to movies and TV series, as well as the new names that are emerging in the circuit. Only time will tell if Red Bull will succeed in breaking into tennis, but one thing is certain: its presence is not going unnoticed.