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Red Bull teams are ready to revolutionise their aesthetics

It’s not just a kit. It’s a fit.

Red Bull teams are ready to revolutionise their aesthetics It’s not just a kit. It’s a fit.

For years now, the Red Bull brand has not only been associated with the energy drink of thaumaturgic qualities but, starting with extreme sports, has spread its wings and become an increasingly concrete reality in the world of football. First with Salzburg, then Leipzig, New York, Bragantino, teams located in the four corners of the earth and now wearing the same two red bulls on their chests with a yellow sun in the background. A rapid growth that has revolutionised the way the sport is understood. The Austrian brand's battleships have in fact become the bearers of a new philosophy, from the discovery and selection of promising young players to the training methods and results achieved.

A growth that, however, as well as being rapid, has above all been steep because there are still many detractors of the bull who do not support the brand's entire operation. And now the group's clubs, after refining and refining their communication, marketing and scouting, seem ready to revolutionise their aesthetics as well, looking for new agreements and new partners, and creating new jerseys that can take the teams from the four corners of the world to a new level: Salzburg, Leipzig, New York and Bragantino. A new dimension that the club has decided to make its own, as can also be seen in the words chosen to present the new Red Bull New York kit: "It's not just a kit. It's a fit."

It is not only the words chosen that suggest the team's change of direction, but the fact that for the first time Red Bull New York, in agreement with adidas, has decided to have a fashion designer design the jersey, confirming how even overseas fashion and football know how to dialogue and influence each other. For the team one of the most famous cities in the world, Daniel Patrick has created a tie dye jersey with unprecedented colours for the New York team, yellow. blue. A jersey that has also been worn in recent weeks by Daniel Ricciardo, a driver who has grown up and established himself with the red bull, a choice in line with the brand's new policy, which is trying to broaden its horizons more and more. And if all this were still not enough to understand the path that the brand has set out to follow, we are also helped by the shoot dedicated to the latest release, which confirms the desire to mix with fashion with a photobooth full of references taken from the world of fashion.

And while in New York the process is just beginning, in Germany with Leipzig, Red Bull is working to revolutionise everything. In fact, Red Bull Leipzig is close to breaking its sponsorship agreement that has bound it to Nike for almost a decade and settling with PUMA. The news is particularly significant given that Nike has always been the biggest supporter of the Red Bull project since 2014, when it took over the aesthetics of the Bull's teams. One of the reasons for this surprise deal seems to be the position of Oliver Mintzlaff, who has now become one of Red Bull's CEO's and who had worked as Sporting Director for PUMA itself from 2000 to 2008. The relationship between Mintzlaff and his previous employer may have played a key role in securing the deal with PUMA, but also because the club had for some time only been using pre-established templates, having room for manoeuvre and creativity imposed by the American brand. A situation that has led the German team to rethink its partnership, with the aim not only of obtaining a more lucrative agreement but also of positioning itself in relation to the other big names of the German brand, gaining access to collections and jerseys designed to be worn above all off the pitch. The latest release dedicated exclusively to the German team is not enough, Leipzig is ready to revolutionise everything and the flames of the latest kit are just a foretaste of what is to come.

In Salzburg, the advent of the Red Bull dynasty in football had imposed itself - in the eyes of the historical fans of the original 'Austria Salzburg' club - in a decidedly destructive manner. Starting with the cynical declarations in 2005 by the newly appointed president Dietrich Mateschitz, who, by acquiring the licence of the club at risk of bankruptcy, quickly disintegrated the identity built up over years of history of a glorious club, the aesthetics seem to be unchanged, at least from the point of view of partnerships. Nike is confirmed as the technical sponsor and there don't seem to be any sensational changes in sight, but the desire is still to rejuvenate the brand and Austrian football, trying to shock the market with new initiatives. After years, in fact, together with Nike, the club has returned to design a very simple fourth jersey, but one that incorporates Salzburg's logo and corporate colour.

From Austria to Brazil, because for the Bragantino the aesthetic renewal process is now well underway and developed, in fact this is the first season with New Balance as technical sponsor. The American brand has revolutionised very little for the first year, creating particular kits that have nothing special compared to the previous ones. A year of transition that will perhaps bring the team from next year to have a more defined aesthetic and in step with the other teams of the group and not.

In short, entrepreneurship in the world of football is certainly not a recent development, but the challenge 2.0 of Red Bull's men will always be that of not leading to a divisive choice between fans' passion and financial revenue, but that of creating a common thread capable of making communication, marketing and brand perception grow hand in hand, trying to remove that ugly label they carry around and at the same time modernise the aesthetic and bring it in line with that of other European clubs, always keeping in mind the sporting objectives that have been coming up for several years now. The next steps therefore seem to be marked, let's see how the main players in the game will respond, with a view to making the clubs more and more fashionable, mixing Toro Rosso with fashion, as is already being proposed with the proprietary brand, AlphaTauri.