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The NBA has banned all cream colored jerseys

And the reason is not what you expect

The NBA has banned all cream colored jerseys And the reason is not what you expect

Say goodbye to the Milwaukee Bucks' Cream City Jersey. One of the most loved jerseys by the NBA fans in recent years is just one of the models that the league has decided to ban because of cream colour scheme used by Nike. The motivation is as simple as it is curious. The color in fact, very similar to that of NBA arenas's parquet, creates a glitching problem with the projection technology of the advertising banners during the broadcasting of the games. This complication had already been highlighted during the Orlando Bubble games in the second half of the 2019/20 season, when for the first time digital ads projected directly onto the live broadcast were used intensively, and which eventually led the Adam Silver-led league to prevent teams from using this specific color from the design of their kits, including City and Statement Edition.

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It was in fact Dustin Godsey, the Milwaukee Bucks Chief Marketing Officer, who explained this decision during the presentation of the new City Edition of Giannis Antetokounmpo's franchise, the Gathering Place jersey in blue that replaced the fan favourite Cream City that was inspired by the bricks color used during the founding of the city during the 19th century. We do not know whether improved projection technology will be able in the future to avoid this 'green screen' effect, with players crossed by advertising banners, and bring back the colour on NBA jerseys. For now, Milwaukee fans will have to make do with blue.