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José Mourinho's style is in fashion in Rome

From photo dumps on Instagram to gifts to his younger players, the Special One has normalized himself in the best way possible

José Mourinho's style is in fashion in Rome From photo dumps on Instagram to gifts to his younger players, the Special One has normalized himself in the best way possible

Alberto Arbasino once famously wrote that every Italian intellectual follows three distinct phases: first brilliant promise, then usual asshole and finally revered master. A definition that seems to fit perfectly also to José Mourinho, who after some complicated years on the English benches of Manchester United and Tottenham, in Rome has returned if not to his results to the usual communication that has marked the best part of his career. Mourinho in a year has managed to conquer much of the usually very critical Romanista fans, imposing his personality on a complicated environment using both the stick and the carrot like an expert tamer. 

The return to Italy ten years after the triplete with Inter Milan had given us a more ecumenical and subtle Special One, who introduced himself with a quote from Marcus Aurelius showing that he had studied the classics, and embracing the spirit of the city by taking Vespa rides and paying homage to Francesco Totti on Instagram. The social media quickly became Mourinho's favorite way to speak directly to his people, perfect for his unfiltered communication style and underscored by constant irony. Mourinho returned to Instagram at the beginning of 2020, after leaving it a couple of years earlier, ready for the new adventure with newfound spirit thanks also to the advice of his daughter Matilde

Perhaps following the new trend launched by Bella Hadid and Emma Chamberlain, Mou also rejects aesthetic perfection for immediacy and directness, two adjectives that fit very well with his personality. His feed is a cascade of authentic and unretouched photos, where unbalanced selfies, underexposed group photos and images of Roma players and fans after an important match follow one another. Every now and then the usual controversies that have made him famous appear, this time in a social version instead of in front of reporters' microphones, as in the case of the penalty not whistled to Zaniolo in the match against Napoli or another controversial penalty against Juventus. Even in this version of the revered master Mourinho has certainly not lost the desire to place a paw every now and then with sharp claws.

In fact, having shed the role of the fierce carnivore of the bench that made him famous in the years of Chelsea and Inter, Mou in Rome has become a father ready to defend his family, both natural and acquired. One of the recurring themes on his Instagram profile has been the tag to his daughter's jewelry page, @matilde.jewellery, up to the Christmas photo in the store to the delight of all his followers. And of course there are also his players, defended and pampered, especially among the younger ones. As in the case of Felix Afena-Gyan, to whom he gave the shoes he promised after the double against Genoa, a pair of Balenciaga Speed 2.0 with a live unboxing. Or the confidence guaranteed to Nicola Zalewski in this final season. 

Every player on the Giallorossi roster has shown how crucial Mourinho's presence has been in stabilizing an otherwise tumultuous environment, leading the team to the final stages of the Conference League and a place in Europe in the Serie A rankings. In a recent interview with The Athletic Tammy Abraham revealed how the Portuguese coach was one of the reasons he chose Rome once his time at Chelsea had come to an end. Mourinho's style has given the Eternal City an international scope, as requested by the Friedkin presidency, and has also won it over through his quiet yet sophisticated looks.

After wearing tailored suits and ties for years while nervously walking in front of his bench, now Mourinho never separates himself from his Zegna clothes, of which he is Brand Ambassador, and from his adidas, sponsor that has followed him for over a decade. While remaining firm to his principles of casual formalwear, Mou has shown that he prefers comfort to elegance, often presenting himself in Rome with padded jackets that were usually reserved only for the coldest English nights. However, the colors have not changed, with a narrow palette ranging from gray to black passing only for the deepest shades of blue, now a classic of his wardrobe. 

Already in an interview for GQ during his two years at Chelsea he had explained how his idea of elegance was linked to the occasion, a bit like his game has always adapted to the opponent he had to face, now Mourinho no longer has to respond to a character that he has cleverly built over the years. Now just like his Instagram profile, he can be direct and unfiltered like never before, finally a venerable master of football and communication.