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First team from Trentino Alto-Adige to play in Serie B

Historic result for Südtirol celebrated in brand new stadium

First team from Trentino Alto-Adige to play in Serie B Historic result for Südtirol celebrated in brand new stadium

Last year we had the pleasure of interviewing Manuel Insam, Südtirol's marketing and social media officer, who in describing the club for which he works, used these words: 'It is a small club, mainly supported in Bolzano, which is not a big city, but on a sporting level, in general, we are the team for the whole of South Tyrol and not just Bolzano. Football brings people together through passion and at the stadium the three local language communities, Italian, Ladin and German, come together. This is also reflected in the merchandising, so we have to work on customised products in different languages." 

A year later, this small club would be the first team from Trentino-Alto-Adige to play in Serie B after dominating the Lega Pro championship, recording only two defeats and nine goals conceded.  Only the city team Bolzano (from the ashes of the current Virtus Bolzano) played in the Serie B in 1947-1948. The Fussball Club Südtirol, also known as Südtirol-Alto Adige, is not only famous for its excellent communication, but what other club in the Pro League can boast of having its own printed magazine, TikTok profile and podcast? They can perhaps be counted on the fingers of one hand, and is one of the few clubs to have brought back to Italy, after years of absence, the Runbird, the symbol of universality that answers to the name of Mizuno. In short, Südtirol's was not just a season but a real fairytale, where they managed to collect record after record.

In addition, the newly promoted club, as we wrote a few days ago, was able to celebrate in the new and renovated stadium after years of work. In the match that is worth the Serie B, the club opened the doors to all fans in a structure that can now accommodate 5,500 people. It was a project that the club wanted to carry out, and in addition to rebuilding the stands, it also renovated the pitch, re-roofing it and equipping it with an underground heating system.

From next season on, a complex championship will undoubtedly await you, one that is fluctuating and open until the last day, just like this one, where there are about 6 teams competing for the first two places that are worth direct promotion. A championship that we hope will further improve both the communication but also the aesthetics of the team, dressed by a sponsor that in the past - especially in Serie A - has given great goodies, remaining with its designs and patterns engraved in the minds of every jersey lover.