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Li-Ning and Dwyane Wade are going for the NBA sneaker market

With the new WOW 9 Infinity

Li-Ning and Dwyane Wade are going for the NBA sneaker market With the new WOW 9 Infinity

On the occasion of the launch of the new e-commerce platform, Li-Ning and Way of Wade have released a new collection including numerous items. Standing out among all the items produced by the Chinese brand is the WOW 9 Infinity shoe entitled 'Moment', produced in an exclusive colourway. A tribute to Dwayne's childhood, as can be seen from the shoe's handwritten details: "Light the Candles", "Make a Wish", "Happy Birthday my man!!! Flash". The Moment is in fact a celebration of youth, a celebration of dreams, a memory enclosed in the form of a shoe. A tribute to the childhood of Dwyane Wade, who eight years ago decided to change suppliers (he wore Jordan at the time) and signed with the Chinese company Li-Ning, to "show the next generation of young people, especially athletes, that there is not just one way of doing things. Wade later created his own brand within Li-Ning, accompanying it with the slogan 'Make Your Own Way'. 

As well as offering exclusive products, the new site tells the full story of Mr Li Ning's meeting with NBA superstar Dwayne Wade, which led to a sponsorship and close collaboration to develop the Way of Wade brand, founded in 2012. Together with the Moments, two other items also arrived, a jersey and a shirt closely linked to the former Miami Heats basketball player's past. Both items, as well as the trainers, feature a candle symbolising Wade's birthday, the main theme of the release.

The launch of e-commerce will allow Li-Ning to grow further but above all to establish itself on the European scene. In 2020, the year of the pandemic, Li-Ning was the only fashion brand to grow along with Hermès. The Chinese brand's shares rose by 10.74% on the Beijing stock exchange, a rise that has both Nike and adidas shaking in their boots. Numbers that attest to the dizzying growth and that propel the Chinese brand into the Olympus of the greats, after having secured two great NBA athletes such as Jimmy Butler and D'Angelo Russell. But that's not all, in addition to these three new items, Li-Ning together with WOW has also released two new versions of the iconic trainers that combine innovation and quality. From 21 August you can also purchase the WOW Infinity Balance, All City 9 "The Big Apple" and The Wade Fission 7, the latter available in 3 colours.

All items are available on the new Li-Ning and Way of Wade website.