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All the outfits of Francesco Totti

A journey through the outfits of the former Giallorossi captain

All the outfits of Francesco Totti  A journey through the outfits of the former Giallorossi captain
If there is one aspect for which it will be worth seeing Speravo de morì prima, the Sky series dedicated to the life and career of Francesco Totti, it is certainly the complicated relationship between the former captain of Roma and the world of fashion. With a 25-year career behind him, Totti has gone through some of the most turbulent moments in the fashion system, from the 90s Johnny Depp looks to the chaotic 2000s made of tight sweaters and greasy hair. Always shy, there are few images that can help us to outline the stylistic choices of the first Totti, the one that goes from the early years of youth to his famous Serie A debut in 1993. In the few photos available we see the future Giallorossi number 10 with a Center parted hair halfway between a boyband member and a '90s Hollywood star.

The 2000s gave way to the most confused phase of Totti's stylistic life, a period that saw as a watershed moment the adventure of Totti himself and his wife Ilary Blasi in the world of fashion with the Never Without You brand. Founded in 2003, the brand went on until 2013 earning the almost symbolic sum of "just" 70 thousand euros but becoming a stylistic compass of the Pupone over the years. In fact, in the lookbooks and promotional photos we see Totti's evolution over the years, going from the look with long hair and tight t-shirts to the more sober look of a good guy with sweaters and a wedding band on his finger. At the center, of course, the look of the wedding with Ilary Blasi but also a series of outfits that tell us about Totti's highest period, from the post-Scudetto to the following seasons in which sunglasses were often the inevitable accessory, especially when accompanied by a white shirt or tank top. Impossible not to notice the photo in which, in the company of Massimo Giletti, Totti shows off an unexpected Stone Island sweater.

The approach to the World Cup in Germany and the following years gradually gave life to the more mature Totti. The hair is shortened, but above all the outfits change: via the bold colors and the exaggerated fits of the past years, the Captain switches to a more refined style that does not give up the more youthful inspirations. Despite the age that is no longer a boy, Totti does not give up on the uniform jeans and sneakers, often combining it with printed t-shirts always at the limit of good taste and an excessively oversized fit. Among the many aspects to underline of this period there is an almost constant absence of logos in Totti's outfits, who despite loving to show off bold and often flashy outfits always manages to keep a minimal and clean style, in which even the sneakers disappear under a jeans ripped a little too long combined perhaps with a leather jacket in the Matrix style.

The final leap, however, comes in recent years, when partly thanks to the role of a well-established father and partly thanks to the probable arrival of a stylist, the now former Roma captain seems to have managed to find the square of the circle, but especially of his closet. We do not know if the intervention of a colleague of Marie Kondō has to do with it, but Totti's wardrobe and his outfits have achieved a balance between past and present. The fits are the right ones, with the addition of elements such as hoodies, now ubiquitous in Francesco's wardrobe, who also sees the love never declared with the Roman brand ICYDKWIA. Those of the "tax code" on the hoodie in short. With his new corporate role in Rome first and with that of agent later, Totti had to put the exaggerated outfits of the past years in the attic, passing from white tank tops to elegant suits, from NWY lookbooks to the Vanity Fair cover.

The former captain of Roma, as well as many other colleagues of his generation, have gone through the years of brands such as Guru and Sweet Years, of the union football player-tissue and the ostentatious tamarra of Vieri and Coco. It is impossible to forgive certain things, but the only mitigating factor we can grant to Totti, as well as to Del Piero and to the entire Germany 2006 group, is talent. The one capable of enchanting on the pitch, of thrilling in the stands but also unable to combine a pair of trousers and a t-shirt without looking like any other guy in a disco on Saturday night.