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The first Bellerin collection for FIFA 21

'Watching people expressing themselves differently, inspired my mind'

The first Bellerin collection for FIFA 21 'Watching people expressing themselves differently, inspired my mind'

EA Sports presented the first set of garments designed by Hector Bellerin for VOLTA Football, inaugurating the first official collection designed by the Arsenal full-back. The new uniforms are already available now and will be wearable until February 26 on the VOLTA Football store on FIFA 21. EA Sports also released a video in which Bellerin - who also recently released the documentary about his injury - explains his inspiration for these models. 

Being a collection for VOLTA Football, the pattern and overall design have a very urban cut and are not normal football uniforms. There are a total of five kits, consisting of knitting and shorts, and each has a different template. But as Bellerin himself explained, each uniform has its own history and precise reference: each is a hypothetical playing uniform of a fantasy team. Interesting is the 'United Ricycled F.C.' jersey, a suit with a sweatshirt under it - you can see it from the cuffs and the fabric line - and all kinds of colors are mixed, for a uniform that represents circular fashion. With sleeves of different colors and an overlap of multiple templates, it's a tribute to recycled garments and to the circular economy, one of the many extra sportive themes dear to Bellerin. Then there's what he calls his favorite, the one for planet Earth (and in fact, there's a tree in the logo) and it brings the colors of nature. Another, made with the Spanish-African artist Weka, his friend, was designed in reference to the fight against discrimination, especially after the protests for Geroge Floyd: it is that of the 'Kumba Union', which represents some of the typical colors of Africa and has a very vintage template.   

Given the attention to current themes, Bellerin has also dedicated a suit to the LGBTQIA+ community, the 'Sporting LGBTQIA+' model, filled with rainbow colors and several writings (such as Love Illimited or Love Free) vertically, a bit on the entire template. Finally, there is perhaps the most personal model for Bellerin, the most autobiographical. It is in gold and with the inscription (as sponsor) Barceloneta, the hypothetical name of the team and the street reality in which Bellerin grew up (he was born in Barcelona). In fact, since the beginning of this project the Arsenal full-back said he was inspired by the skate community of the Catalan city for his first collection of VOLTA.

In September, Bellerin was selected by EA Sports as the new fashion designerof VOLTA Football, a project born in the FIFA 20 edition on the echo of another product from the American production company, FIFA Street. As Charles Hoare explained to us, for Bellerin football is the first passion, but it really has many interests and an eclectic personality. The choice to include recycled fashion or references to the LGBTQ+ community are expressions of a modern, progressive, beauty-conscious aesthetic, but without neglecting social or environmental aspects (no coincidence about his new collection for H&M with sustainable garments). Challenges that the player, through social media or with personal initiatives, is carrying out outside of football.