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Ferrari is looking for the new CEO in the world of fashion

Marco Bizzarri and Stefano Sassi are the two possible names to revitalize the Maranello brand

Ferrari is looking for the new CEO in the world of fashion Marco Bizzarri and Stefano Sassi are the two possible names to revitalize the Maranello brand

Update: "The titles that give me leading Ferrari make me smile and, in addiction, regret not being a driver!. The rest are just talks." With these words, Gucci's current CEO, Marco Bizzarri, closed about one of his possible transitions as Ceo of Ferrari.  Milano Finanza reported it. So, the Italian automotive brand will have to continue to look for another CEO among the names under discussion (such as Stefano Sassi, former CEO of Valentino). In addition, Bizzarri added: "For those like me who were born and grwon up and still live near Maranello, Ferrari is a legendary brand but I am already at the helm of an Italian myth, Gucci, which just this year reaches the milestone of its 100 years and already looks to the next 100 that will come".



The chair of the CEO of Ferrari has been "empty" since 10 December 2020, when the resigning Louis Camilleri left Maranello due to his precarious health conditions. Il Cavallino is therefore looking for a new CEO, called to raise the company's finances not so much - in 2020 the net profit was 609 million, -12% compared to 2019 and with a drop of 8.9% on net revenues - but more the Ferrari brand, very strong at the brand level but clearly lagging behind trends and new market strategies. As has accustomed us in the past years, the red explores the availability of characters distant from the world of motors. The latest names to join the list of eligible candidates come from the fashion world: Marco Bizzarri (CEO of Gucci), Stefano Sassi (former CEO of Valentino) and Hans Hoegstedt (former CEO Miroglio).

The choice of John Elkann, Ferrari president, could fall on excellent personalities in the luxury fashion sector, with CVs that speak for themselves: Marco Bizzarri was born and raised in Modena, a few kilometers from Maranello, and in the last 20 years he has held roles prestigious for Mandarina Duck, Marithé & François Girbaud, Stella McCartney, Bottega Veneta and Gucci, always with brilliant results (it tripled the turnover of the Florentine brand, bringing it to 10 billion); Stefano Sassi has taken Valentino to a level never explored in the last 15 years and has been one of the main faces of the renewal of the company which is one of the "on billion companies".

The strategy that Elkann intends to implement, however, is not an absolute novelty. Remaining in Emilia, in July 2019 Maserati decided to entrust the drive - and the related revolution linked to the brand - to Davide Grasso, CEO and president of Converse from 2016 to 2019 and currently Chief Executive Officer of the Bolognese car manufacturer. Maserati, thanks to Grasso's intuitions, changed its face in just over a year and it is the same result that Ferrari aspires to. The 360° vision that fashion-related minds can offer can be the key to getting one of the most recognized Italian brands off the ground.