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There will be a documentary about NBA Jam

Filmed by the film-maker Sean Menard

There will be a documentary about NBA Jam Filmed by the film-maker Sean Menard

For basketball fans, before the EA Sports NBA 2K series, the only video game to waste their hours on at memorable games was NBA Jam. Produced by Midway Games since 1993, the American basketball championship video game was one of the most famous video games ever and, according to Hypebeast, its history and secrets will be told in a documentary produced by BestCrosses Studio. 

The writer and showrunner of the documentary will be Reyan Ali, author of the book "NBA Jam", a text dedicated entirely to the video game and very popular among his fans. Sean Meneard, former director of other documentaries, was chosen for directing, including the most famous The Carter Effect, a documentary about the consequences of Vince Carter's move to the Toronto Raptors in Canadian basketball. Regarding the NBA jam documentary, Sean Meneard explained: "Our film is more than just an original story about the most successful sports game of all time. There are various sub-plots detailing how the game was moving from arcade games to home entertainment and how it would eventually lead to the demise of production company Midway Games. 

NBA Jam first came out in 1993 and was released every year until 1995, when the last edition of the game was released, then re-released in 2010 in a celebratory edition. In fact, its success has been fundamental in the context of sports video games: NBA Jam has introduced a new way of playing with platforms and accessing the world of basketball. Based on game mode 2 vs 2, the games had the exclusive logo of the NBA (the first game to have this concession), but the players and rules were changed. There were no fouls under the basket and it was all in a more bizarre version: players, for example, could have the largest heads in the body or have super abilities.